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The Hammer and The Nail

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It's clear that watching TWC and John Carter have their moments on Riot and Turmoil Plus Ultra is grating on Christian Garcia even more than the past couple of weeks have. With his lackluster performance in the Rookie Rush now behind him as well, CG seems... oddly flagged. Usually an angry, confrontational man, his short conversation with Derek appears to have drawn him into deep thought.


Christian sits in the back room, recording on a phone or a tablet rather than on a hard camera. His hair, still shorter than it was at his debut, is frazzled, spiky, and slick with sweat.


Christian: Well, things really haven't been going to plan.


Christian chuckles uneasily, shrugging his shoulders.


Christian: Plan was, come in, kick ass, take names, make moves. So far, I'm 0-2 with about 30 minutes of cumulative ring time. I've been in an octagon longer than I've been in an OCW ring, at this point. Funny thing? Cage fighting was easier.


Christian sighs, tenting his hands over his mouth and leaning forwards a little bit. He has a bruise starting to form on his head from eating two consecutive King's Curses, and it's clear by the wince when he bends that the quadruple powerbomb from Derek did him few favors, either.


Christian: I came here from Boneyard Pro with multiple title reigns and a storied career against some of the best guys I've ever met, but it's no disrespect to them when I say that OCW's on another level. You've seen the guys I've been in the ring with. Chris Greene's one half of the tag team championship challengers. John Carter's a few feet and three seconds away from possibly becoming the Light Heavyweight Champion. Hunter McIntyre and Derek, two guys that have been busting their ass a hell of a lot longer than I have, and Jordan Trance. Jordan fucking Trance. Guy's old man is a literal legend. And I was kicking his ass, I'd like to think. Derek had a point. I put up a fight, and it's only my third week in the company. Only my fifth year in this business. I'm coming into this a bit later than most guys do. I'm already 32, but I came in here and suddenly I feel like the 27 year old ex-collegiate wrestler, ex-MMA guy, ex street kid from Gallup that walked between the ropes for the first time.


Christian: Sometimes you gotta take inventory. I know it's early, but there's a pattern starting to form here. I'm not focused on the ring. First it was John Carter getting all up in my shit, then it was trying to force my way through the Rookie Rush, to prove that getting shit rocked by TWC was just a fluke. I've been cocky. Overconfident. Like I told Stacey, it's time to take a good, hard look in the mirror. We gotta-


??: Realise you’re in over your head?


While he might not be on camera. The three packs a day voice of Wrex is easy to make out. Christian tenses, turning to the offscreen Wrex and gives him a cold stare.


Christian: You come here to kick the new guy while he’s down? Finish what we started? What do you want, Wrex?


Wrex: After that pitiful performance? It would feel like kicking a wounded puppy. Plenty of time for that later.


Wrex: I’m just making sure you’re not packing up your shit and heading for the door.


Christian looks surprised, cocking an eyebrow and subtly adjusting the camera so that Wrex is in frame. He turns fully towards him now, exposing a bit of his bruised back to the camera.


Christian: You don’t know me, I’ve been through worse. What’s it matter to you, anyway?


Wrex: Forgot what I said already rookie? First day walking through my doors and you decide the best thing to do is sucker punch me? I told you I’d be watching closely.


Wrex: Like or not rookie, you’ve got my attention now. And I’m not going to let you walk away.. not before I crush your skull under my boot.


Christian smiles, now. Clearly, this is the response he wanted. Slowly, he stands up from his chair.


Christian: You know, hearing that makes me wonder if you’re not the fat, washed up drunken laggard I saw when I came looking for a hardcore legend. I can almost see the former CCW champion. The world-beater. The guy who could take any member of this roster through hell and back and come out of the other end intact. That’s the Wrex I wanted to see.. The Wrex I came in wanting to scrap with. The Wrex I knew that could bring out the best in me. Not this directionless, obese paycheck-collecting has-been looking at me right now.


Wrex: ..well aren’t you just fucking adorable. Trying to butter me up enough to make your career worth something. Just remember, kid. This fat sack of shit could outperform you on any and every level.


Wrex: You want me to make you famous? Prove you deserve it. I’ve led failures to stardom and watched them burn before. And I’m not going to waste what’s left of my career doing it again.


Christian: All I want from you is the Wrex that everyone in this company wants to see. When you’re done fucking on the Young Boy’s Club at Wrestlelution… I’m gonna pull that Wrex out of you with my teeth if I have to. After all… I already have your attention.

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