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A Blacksmith and a Mantis in a Art gallery (RP post Riot)

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The scene opens in an art gallery. In front of a painting, and with an interested gaze on it, we can find Matteo, aka The Last Blacksmith, in an unedited version without his usual face paint and attire. The Italian is elegantly dressed, and wears a pair of sunglasses. While his gaze is directed on the painting, he hears footsteps behind him.


TLB: He treated you badly…


The Mantis approaches The Last Blacksmith and stands beside him.


The Mantis: So I gathered. Why did you call me out here? This isn't exactly a secluded place to meet.


TLB: No no, don't worry about that. But it may be best if you took off your mask, otherwise you may have to worry about the police...


The Mantis: I've already spoken with security here. They had me sign a thing. And you didn't answer my question.


Blacksmith shakes his head...


TLB: Why did I ask you to meet me here? You see, I know it's hard to believe, but despite my love of violence and chaos, I also love art. And so is everything that can give knowledge. Knowledge is important, Mantis.


The Mantis: Right...I'm not quite sure I follow. Honestly, I'm more concerned with why you were on the Riot show last night while Nate Mac was kicking my arse. How could they not trace that back to you?


TLB: Look at this picture. Really focus in on it. What do you see?


The Mantis: It's...it's a ruddy great big ship.


TLB: Indeed. Now, take 10 steps back.


The Mantis: It's the same thing, just smaller. Mate, where are you going with this?


TLB: It's “The Green Sail”, by Paul Signac. Pointillism. You see, sometimes, like this picture, we face moments in our lives where everything seems to make no sense. Everything is all weird, and we don’t know where we are going. For this reason, the only thing to do is to distance yourself, until it is possible to see the big picture. The plan. And that's where we act.


The Mantis: Wait, you're saying you have a plan to go after Mac? Well, don't dither about, tell me! This might just be our chance to-


TLB: Wait, wait, Mantis. I was talking about myself. Mac, well...he's your problem.


The Mantis: W-What?! You were the one who told me to go after him! It was your idea to hit him from behind with a bloody steel chair, and then give it to me! You're just as much in this as I am!


TLB: You wanted to change your career. You wanted a challenge. Now, you have it. Did I get help when Bray and Betamax tried to destroy me? What about Caine and Tucker? They put me on a burning table, trying to end my career, if not my life. When the Iceman himself tried to fuck my mind, did someone get me out of trouble? Who was there for me when I needed them most?


TLB now turns to The Mantis with a scowl.


TLB: Nobody. And I’m glad for it, because I kicked all of their asses relying only on myself. And that’s what you have to learn. You are alone. And alone you will have to succeed.


The Mantis: Right, because that's gone so bloody well for you, hasn't it? Well, fair enough. I have a match with Danny Watts on Turmoil next week, and I'll be very much alone with him. Having you there will just serve as a distraction. Enjoy your art show, I'm off to make a show.


The Mantis turns on his heels and exits the building, leaving The Last Blacksmith to smirk to himself and continue to admire the art.


TLB:Paul Fucking Signac.


TLB: Too bad you are French.


Scene fades.

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You skipped a question to mantis….


Did anyone come help me against caine?




Now my question…

Did anyone come help me against parca, Garcia and Caine in one night? Nope


Now I know where you were. Sad.






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