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A man and his determination

Sheldon Tremblay

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A Loading Screen can be seen the last 10 seconds run down until The Loading Screen fades and A Person in a Suit pops up.


Tremblay: Are we Live? Ah yes, we are greetings, fellow fans around the world. As You can see, I am fresh out of Contract Negotiations with the OCW higher-ups. I think my career is finally getting the push it so desperately deserves. I will show all those other young rookies and stars of yesteryear what a foreigner does better than them.


Tremblay regains his composure, clears his throat, and looks directly into the stream camera.


Tremblay: I traveled long trained hart, and now I am not going to back down. I am here, and I am here to stay. They may put me through some hard times, but I will surely prevail. A fight I lose is Experience for the next.


Tremblay closes his eyes for a few seconds and takes a deep breath before he gives his closing words.


Tremblay: So, to give my closing words ... people of ocw and fans alike, stay tuned for my foreseeable way of glory here because I am the future until next time. Goodbye.


He moves his fingers on the red button on the Screen, and the Stream shuts down.

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