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  1. In other words this is gonne be a war. Csnt wait to See Chaos unfold. ^^
  2. i hope its till ok if i use the product. You know if it helps ...
  3. I was happy with seltzers stars I ain't complaining.^^
  4. we need better Antivirus programms where is big guy Norton when you need him?
  5. Another Stream is about to start the last seconds run down before a shaky video feed shows up. Tremblay: Hello guys, as you can see, I am fresh out of a training session here at the OCW Training center. But let's cut to some more important Metters. I know what you ask yourself now after you watched my debut at Turmoil 269. Tremblay: Yeah, that ... didn't go so well. So I am 0-1 now. So what does this change, I may ask you? Exactly nothing! I don't even count whatever happened there as A chance for myself to shine! I was prepared for a wrestling match and not for whatever this Trance guy was doing there. I trained back home for years and years to travel the far way out here to face some punk rock kid who is a disgrace for what he is and what he does. Tremblay: You are supposed to represent a sport that has decades of prestige! And you are the Sone of some hall of Famer around here? It seems like he thought you nothing about this sport! You don't take any of this seriously! And I probably know why ... Your father must have used his connections to get you a place around here. Do you even want to achieve anything in OCW? Aside from failing to be a second Generation "Star." Tremblay: I trained in a wrestling school back in Germany, which keeps traditions intact, and I am here to make them proud for all they taught me. So I demand to face someone who can keep up with me and shows the same respect for this sport as I do! Tremblay: And Mr. Jordan jr. If you see this and I hope you will, maybe you can learn what your father failed to teach you from me. Maybe if you grow up someday, I can teach you the art of the classical way of traditional wrestling. Tremblay: So enough talking fellow fans and other people. I end this stream now to get back to my training. See you next time.
  6. A Loading Screen can be seen the last 10 seconds run down until The Loading Screen fades and A Person in a Suit pops up. Tremblay: Are we Live? Ah yes, we are greetings, fellow fans around the world. As You can see, I am fresh out of Contract Negotiations with the OCW higher-ups. I think my career is finally getting the push it so desperately deserves. I will show all those other young rookies and stars of yesteryear what a foreigner does better than them. Tremblay regains his composure, clears his throat, and looks directly into the stream camera. Tremblay: I traveled long trained hart, and now I am not going to back down. I am here, and I am here to stay. They may put me through some hard times, but I will surely prevail. A fight I lose is Experience for the next. Tremblay closes his eyes for a few seconds and takes a deep breath before he gives his closing words. Tremblay: So, to give my closing words ... people of ocw and fans alike, stay tuned for my foreseeable way of glory here because I am the future until next time. Goodbye. He moves his fingers on the red button on the Screen, and the Stream shuts down.
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