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OCWFed.com Exclusive: Dinner w/ El Primero

El Parca

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Inside of NYC’s finest restaurants “Keens Steakhouse” we go into a private room that is well lit. At the table we see Christian Garcia and, in front of him is “El Primero” El Parca. Parca, is wearing his normal mask except he doesn’t have the mouth covering on. The two men are seen chitchatting with one another as the cameras get closer.


Parca: Chico, I want to say, everything you have done lately for me, for yourself, and for DDE. Will never go unnoticed and unrewarded.


Parca: That being said mi amigo.


Parca leans over and goes under the table as we can hear what sounds like an envelope rustling. Parca drops down a manilla envelope on the table as he gestures Christian to take it.


Parca: It’s all yours amigo, you earned it. Every last bit of it.


At first, Christian is hesitant to grab the envelope, but after a short pause, he takes it, and opens it to find a check. The amount isn’t visible to the camera, but it’s clearly no small sum by the look on the rookie’s face.


Christian: Jesus, Primero… that’s a lot. Man… I appreciate you and Dennis, man. All you’ve done for me, all you’re doing.


Parca bows his head in gratitude.


Parca: Y’know chico, you do a lot for me amigo. I can never let my right hand man ever think his El Primero doesn’t recognize his own efforts. You’ve done things no man would even contemplate doing… That’s why I respect you and admire you chico.


Parca has a shocked eureka facial expression


Parca: Oh! I forgot, there is just one last gift I have for you tonight my friend.


Christian opens his mouth to question Parca, but before he can, his phone starts to ring. Grabbing his cell out of his pocket, he checks the caller ID and answers it.


Christian: Hey. Yeah, I’m at dinner with Primero right now, what’s up?


There’s another long pause as whoever’s on the phone says something, though once again, the camera doesn’t quite pick it up. The dawning shock on Christian’s face, however, makes it clear that whatever the news is...it’s important. Christian lowers the phone from his ear and turns his attention back to El Parca.


Christian: Did you… that’s my brother-in-law. He said someone paid off their mortgage. You…


Parca cracks a smile at Christian as he picks up a glass of water and takes a sip. Setting down the glass he looks back at Christian.


Parca: Families should never have to worry about money or anything. That is a big reason I got into this business chico, my papa, his papa, and their papas! They started the El Parca family legacy and me? I am just continuing to grow our legend. I watched my family struggle for many years, Dillinger told me about you and your family’s situation.


Parca leans back in his seat.


Parca: The house is paid off, the cars are paid off, and now with that other bonus you have in that envelope? I think you and yours will be able to have some fun times when you get back home.


Parca: You stick with me chico? You, your brother-in-law, and those beautiful nieces, and that young buck of a nephew will never have to worry about anything for the rest of your days.


Christian is completely floored at Parca’s generosity. Quickly, he goes back to the phone.


Christian: Coop, I’ll call you back and explain everything later. Love you too. Bye.


With that, the rookie turns his full attention back to Parca, leaning over the table slightly. His hand, which is now extended towards Parca, is trembling slightly.


Christian: I am not going to forget what you did for them. It’s one thing to give me a few bucks, but this… if you need anything, and I mean anything, you let me know, Primero. I was raised right. We take care of our family, and we do right by people that do right by us. And you’ve definitely done right by me since I came to this company.


Parca has one eye on Christian as he is listening to him but his other is fixated on the waiter as he motions for him to come to fill his glass.


Parca: Let me explore your mind a little bit chico. Your last name is Garcia, which is a very renowned name back home in Mexico. So why is it that you never put on the mask?


Christian: Well, I’m not from Mexico. I’m American, born and raised. My granddad came to America from St. Louis Potosi, but he wasn’t a luchador. I had an uncle who did it, think he went by ‘Obscura’ or something like that, but I’d never really caught the bug. I was more into MMA and amateur wrestling growing up.


Christian smiles a bit, clearly reminiscing about his independent days with an unusual degree of satisfaction.


Christian: When I got introduced to wrestling by my future brother-in-law, I just kinda… went with what was natural at the time. These trunks I wear in OCW are almost the same as the ones I started with, though, uh...not proud of my color choices at the time. Imagine me wearing lime green and cyan, Primero, I don’t know what I was thinking.


Parca: Lime green and cyan eh? Hmm, not the best but also not the worst two colors. I remember when I first got into this all. Thirteen-year-old Primero, er well, Blue Atomico. I wasn’t allowed the name of Parca yet, I hadn’t earned blessing from mi papa.


Parca rests his hands on his chest as he sits back.


Parca: You see, back home in Mexico, mi papa he has a very I guess you could say popular school of Lucha Libre. I begged for YEARS when I was a small small boy.


Parca puts his hand what seems to be four feet above ground to show an example.


Parca: But mi mama did not want me to wrestle. No, she wanted me to be a fútbol player! Could you imagine that eh? Miguel the fútbol player not “El Primero” how crazy the world works isn’t it?


Christian chuckles at the thought of a young Parca begging to wrestle, and motions to himself.


Christian: Can you believe I didn’t start wrestling until five years ago? When I got outta college, I was gonna pursue a career in MMA. Went three and one before I gave it up, but I never stopped cutting weight when I got into wrestling. Being lighter, I was able to do a lot more acrobatic stuff, keep people on their toes, stay flexible.


Parca looks a bit shocked at the thought of Garcia only wrestling for a short five years.


Parca: Sheesh, only five? By the time I was eighteen I already had five years under me! Should stop cutting the weight and enjoy yourself! Bulk up and instead of keeping people on their toes, you keep them on their backs.


Christian: Believe me, I’ve thought about it. Back in my debut, I remember being fucked up by how much bigger John felt than me. When you’re about the same height, twenty pounds is a big advantage. I just wanna kinda feel out how my agility and my flexibility would feel at 240+. I don’t wanna compromise my strengths, you know, Primero?


Parca: I hear you chico, I hear you.


Parca puts his glass in the air


Parca: To DDE chico!


The two raise their glasses in unison as the cameras back out and fade to black.

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