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OCWFED.com Exclusive: Press Conference Announced For RIOT 575


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In an exclusive interview at the conclusion of Turmoil 269, based on the events that took place at Turmoil, which saw Bobby Minio evade Quartz and whip Ryu "Spider" Matsumoto several times with his belt, the OCW General manager announced that there will be order and he will see to it personally.


OCW General Manager Tiberius Dupree has announced that there will be a Championship Press Conference next Friday for RIOT 575. It will be moderated by Dupree himself and all media members will be invited to ask questions and get the thoughts of the two competitors before their match at Summercide.


Bobby Minio returned 3 weeks ago in Detroit at the OCW Consequence Pay-Per-View.


Time will tell what effect Dupree will have as he attempts to tame a seemingly untamable situation between the two.

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