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OCWFED.com Exclusive Update: It Ain't Easy Being Green

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Veteran fans of Riot are all too familiar with how hot and heavy the action can get on any given Friday night, but nobody in the OCW Universe could've expected it to get quite nearly as hot as it did last night at the Barclays Center.


According to an anonymous eyewitness' report, The Mantis was conducting a meet-and-greet with fans in the venue's food court, aptly named: "Meet The Mantis!", where he was posing for pictures, signing autographs and offering merchandise.


The incident in question allegedly began when "The Iceman" Nate Mac came across the event and snuck up behind The Mantis, before getting his attention and asking for what seemed to be an innocuous picture, much like any other taken that night.


The two were then said to have had a brief exchange of words before Mac suddenly began attacking The Mantis, sending fans scrambling away in panic, with both men assaulting each other with whatever was to hand.


The brawl continued for several minutes, after which The Mantis was forcefully led by Mac down the stairs from the concourse into the seating area, and down into ringside where his attack continued further. Mac retrieved a table from underneath the ring, and then, after quickly assembling it, proceeded to slam The Mantis' head against the ring's apron, throwing him into its LED board, before delivering both a Sister Abigail and then Mac's signature move, The Curse of Hoth. Then, as The Mantis lied on the ring's concrete floor, dazed and powerless, Nate Mac did the unthinkable: using a hidden match to set the table on fire. The crowd exclaimed in horror, knowing full well what was about to happen. Mac's assault would finally culminate with him sending The Mantis into said flaming table, in a manner not at all dissimilar to The Last Blacksmith some time ago.


Nate Mac was then reportedly seen exiting the ring area, while The Mantis remained unmoving on the ring's floor. OCW training staff were quick to evacuate the stricken Mantis and send him to a nearby medical facility to be treated for severe burns, numerous lacerations, and a possible concussion.


As of this editorial, no word of The Mantis' medical condition has surfaced out of respect for his privacy, nor has any official statement regarding the matter been made by any OCW personnel, nor any charges filed. However, later on in the show, The Last Blacksmith himself appeared in the ring, condemning The Iceman's brutal attack on The Mantis, saying that he had gone too far, and would, as an act of vengeance, go on to challenge Nate Mac to a Last Man Standing match at Summercide, to which Mac has yet to accept or refuse.


With all the above considered, one does have to wonder how it is that The Mantis has been the victim of so many recent unfortunate incidents. Some testimonials from within the business reveal that he has been a source of divisiveness of late, particularly among other OCW Superstars, allegedly by way of overstepping his bounds, and being a general nuisance. One anonymous fan was quoted as saying that "everything Mantis got tonight, he had coming". Others claim that he had become a sort of resident pin-coushin, being the target of extended physiological abuse by other wrestlers, seemingly exacerbated by the loss of his mother a couple of months ago due to a stroke, for which he had received little to no sympathy. The Mantis himself, nor OCW management have made any public statements confirming or denying the existence of this apparently hostile working environment.


We at OCWFED News wish The Mantis a swift and full recovery, and will keep you informed of any and all developments as they become available.

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