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No Easy Way Out Night 1 Prelude


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”No Easy Way Out” by Robert Tepper can be heard booming through the speakers of H2O’s Mercedes AMG E-Class Convertible.


He cruises around Tampa, FL thinking about double duty at SummerCide against The Lightheavyweight Champion John Carter and his best friend Anthony Baker.


Images of recent events with John Carter and past memories of the good times with Anthony Baker whirl around his mind while he drives.


The pine trees dissipate and an open night sky appears. No light pollution to filter out the bright stars of the city. Harvey pulls up to a nearby lake that is lit up by nature's sky lights.


As he pulls up, his phone rings and he looks onto his dashboard to see who’s calling. It reads, “Best Friend”.


H2O: What?


Baker: Is that anyway to speak to your so-called “Best Friend”? I’m just calling to check on you. Sad you still don’t know how to do that.


H2O: I shouted you out in one of my latest freestyles while I was out in L.A.!


Baker: I heard and I’d rather you didn’t because that rhyme was horrible. Don’t ever do that again. I don’t need my music stream numbers to go down.


Baker: Apparently, you learned nothing while we were B2O other than taking the “L’s”.


H2O: I don’t have time for this Baker. I’m at a peaceful spot tonight trying to meditate and you’re bringing negativity into my evening.


Baker: Blah, Blah, Blah. I’ll stop interrupting your monk session but I must say before I go, you’re lucky you don’t face me the first night.


H2O: Yeah why’s that?


Baker: Because you wouldn’t make it to night two after a match with me. You could never beat me then and you won’t beat me now.


H2O: Anthony, once I get The Good Light back from John Carter I’m going to make you see The Light and I’m not talking about The OCW Lightheavyweight Title either.


Baker: “Best Friend”, we’ve been wrestling in The Combat Center together ever since you arrived. I already have your number and I’m not talking about the one I called this evening either.


Baker: Just do me a couple favors. Survive John Carter so I can see you Sunday.


H2O: Fair enough. What’s the other one?


Baker: Don’t ever call me Anthony again.


Baker hangs up on Harvey. H2O leans his head back on his headrest as he listens to the crickets and cicadas symphony.


We fade to black as he closes his eyes and begin to meditate.

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