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Inside The Mind of Quartz - Revelation


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September 25th, 2000 - Philadelphia PA, USA


Fading in, a distraught man... A doctor, in scrubs, shuts a door behind him.


Stepping forward, a man with blue hair tied back shakes his head, tears filling his eyes.


Man: It's over, isn't it?


Doctor: The cancer spread. She had multiple viral infections. She fought so hard since we saw her 2 years ago. I'm so sorry.


The man tilts his head back and nods. Tears falling down his face.


Man: Thank you, doctor. Thank you for doing what you could.


The man turns around to see a boy, about 14 years old, sitting patiently in a chair, looking straight down at the cold tiled hospital floor.


The man closes his eyes tight, before slowly opening them and nodding.


Man: This is going to be the hardest thing I've ever done.


As the man walks over, the eyes of the boy open wide to look up at him.


Boy: Dad?


The scene goes entirely silent as the boy begins to cry. He shakes his head and closes his eyes tight...


...As he opens them, one of his eyes has shifted to a dark blue. No longer are the eyes filled with tears. Now curiosity.




July 11th, 2005 - Toronto ON, CA


Fading in, we see the same boy, now grown to a young man. His brow furrowed, focused.


Boy: My dad, he died 3 years ago. I know he spent a lot of time up here. I am just doing some admin and need to know what you have on him. Joseph Quartz.


The woman behind the desk types away and peeks up.


Woman: Yes. And do you have his inform-


Before she can finish, the boy slides a card across the table with a somber look on his face.


The woman's face turns sour.


Woman: I'm sorry for your losses.


Boy: Thank you.


After several moments, the woman hands the boy several sheets of paper in a folder.


He opens the folder and nods his head.


Boy: ...and these people? They still live in Canada?


Woman: I'm sorry, I just don't know. I couldn't tell you even if I did.


Boy: That's okay. I'm sure I can find them. Thank you for this.


The boy turns to walk out as the scene zooms in on his face. He once again closes his eyes, bringing us back to darkness.




April 18th, 2006 - Denver CO, USA


In the cold, snowing parking lot, a black car slides into frame. Stepping out is the same boy. Now in his early-20s. his hair is tied back and he walks forward in a large black hooded sweatshirt.


He looks down at a distorted sheet of paper before looking back up at a large gymnasium.


He continues walking into the building and sees a large sign, causing him to stop.


2006 Colorado State High School Wrestling Championships


He steps inside and stands in the doorway, looking inside. Inside, he can see a large crowd and several high school athletes preparing for the contest. Suddenly, he snaps back from his focus to answer a question he was getting from a man at the door.


Man: Hello? Family or observer?


The boy shakes his head to regain his focus and stares at the man in his eyes.


Boy: Oh.. uh... Family.


Man: Okay, no problem, you're going to want to go through to the right.


The man hands him a small ticket stub and points inside the large gymnasium doors.


With a look on his face, the boy - Quartz - nods, before walking into the gymnasium as the scene fades.

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