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Seltzer Report: MMA star STRIPPED of her title and FIRED after OCW Ambition

Christian Garcia

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Combat Sport International's Women's Featherweight Champion, Jasmin 'Rougarou' Kaffee made sports headlines when she appeared backstage at OCW Endgames. The undefeated women's champion, with an unblemished record of 13 wins at the young age of 25, is a noted professional wrestling fan, with her wrestling coach and constant cornerman Felix Christiano Redemptor Garcia wrestling for OCW under the name 'Christian Garcia'.


However, that fandom seems to have gone too far, as Jasmin was stripped of her women's title and fired by Combat Sport International after an unsanctioned match between herself and OCW women's superstar Sue Plex less than 24 hours before her scheduled title defense against Oksana Valentinova, another undefeated young star in the professional MMA scene. Jasmin was caught on camera in a promotional segment before her match featuring 'El Parca,' a former OCW International Champion, and Christian Garcia.


As of 9:30 PM EST, Dimitri 'Dima' Czarny of CSI went on livestream to inform the MMA fandom that Jasmin Kaffee had been stripped of her belt for 'participating in an unsanctioned combat bout' and 'losing to a fat, out of shape hog', a remark that drew significant blowback from the OCW fanbase. The title fight has been changed to accommodate another top prospect in CSI, Randi Rose, who will be facing Valentinova on less than 24 hours' notice.


OCW's Talent Relations Department has reportedly signed Jasmin to a developmental contract at the OCW Combat Center. It is unknown if this is a full time deal, or if she will compete in OCW going forward. Neither OCW officials nor Jasmin could not be reached for comment.

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Christian Garcia:


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Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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