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WhereCulture Exclusive: “OCW Ambition #5 raging success.”

El Parca

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On December 10th, 2021 we saw OCW’s developmental show return with Ambition #5 “Rookie Rundown”. As reviews, and ratings are pouring in we here at WhereCulture can confirm it was a RAGING SUCCESS. Over a year since the last installment of OCW's Ambition, Ambition #4 "Pro's vs. Rookie's", we have seen much change in OCW's landscape. With the influx of recruits at the Combat Center and, of new rookies being signed to deals we have an EXCLUSIVE bit of news to report.


Fresh off of Our Hero, JCS's desk, we here at WhereCulture can confirm the newest signings to OCW's Combat Center for future Ambition appearances. Congratulations go to Gonzalo Munoz, Jasmin Kaffee, and Johnny Tsunami. All three competitors put on incredible displays of power, technical prowess, and grit. We wish them all the best in their futures with OCW, Ambition, and the Combat Center.


With a vast array of talent being showcased on Ambition #5 we must follow good news with more good news. We saw Christian Garcia, right hand to “El Primero” El Parca pick up his first victory against 2nd generation OCW star Jordan Trance. In a back and forth affair both young men put everything they could but eventually Christian pulled a new trick out of his bag and sent the 2nd generation star home packing.


With good news comes even more greater news. First, we saw a wrestling clinic in the Main Event last night with Sanctums own OWEN taking on lovable underdog Chris Greene. In an extremely back and forth event we heard WhereCulture's own Brian Williams and longtime faithful OCW commentator Nick Pepperoni show their excitement and bewilderment over this match. Chris Greene came out the victor that night but OWEN had absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.


We also saw the battle of wrestling schools as Sumchesters own Luis Bishop took on the Combat Centers own Joe Deaver. In a match that many did not expect to go as violent and fast paced as it did it did not disappoint. Bishop threw everything and then some at Deaver but his Deaver believers willed him on until it was just too much, Luis clinched in a submission and sent all the Deaver believers and the Deaver himself home sad. While it wasn’t just a victory for Luis Bishop this adds another notch into the belt of Alastair Ross and El Parca as their student was victorious on his grandest stage yet.


For our last bit it also has been CONFIRMED from reliable sources backstage that Ambition WILL return. In a few weeks time as Ambition #6 will be live from Uniondale once again but LIVE on New Years Day to usher in another fantastic start in OCWs operating year. Tune back in on January 2nd for our second wrap up of Ambition and, future Ambition’s.

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