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[CG] Devil's Night: The Aftermath

Shianne Lovelace

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A camera walks through the halls of an ER, amid the commotion of the regular day-to-day of the place. It shakily enters a room, where an exhausted Chris Greene is sitting alone with a newly-placed cast on his arm.


Doctor: "I'm sure you don't need me to tell you officially, but your arm is broken, Mr. Alleyne."


Chris: "Yeah, that bastard. 'El Primero,'" He trails off. "Knock me down but I'll come back stronger, some day his ego and dirty moves will bite him in the ass. May not have been tonight, but it'll happen soon enough. Whether by my hand or someone else's, it won't be long."


The Doctor leaves momentarily, as the camera focuses on Chris Greene. A man with a microphone approaches Greene, holding the mic out for Chris.


Interviewer: "Chris - how long do you feel it'll be before you're able to compete again?"


Chris: "Month and a half, maybe two? Thankfully it wasn't a terribly damaging break, as stupid as that may sound."


Interviewer: "How badly do you think this turn of events will effect your run, what are your plans moving forward?"


Chris smirks a little, perking up. He's still sweaty and groggy from the grueling bout he put himself through to take the fight to El Parca.


Chris: "I don't foresee this negatively impacting my run in any major way. It's some time out of the fray, sure, but you bet that when I come back I'll come back stronger than I was before. You can't put down the heart and soul of Ambition, after all. Knock me down, I'll get back up. That's what I'm all about."


Interviewer: "Thank you, Chris. We'll leave you be for now."


Chris raises a hand to stop the interviewer as he begins to make his exit.


Chris: "One last thing: Primero. I didn't get it this time, but next time that mask will be mine."


The interviewer and the camera man exit the room as Chris begins to rest, perhaps now more motivated than he was before.

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