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John Carter on his loss at Certified Greatness

John Carter

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The following was filmed directly after the tag title match at Certified Greatness


John walks through the curtain after his title match at Certified Greatness and throws his headgear off and to the side. He walks by pushing the camera man


John:Get that shit out of my face.


John walks past and goes into the corner putting his head down and starting to cry. The cameraman moves closer.


John: Man leave me alone can I not get any privacy. I messed up tonight I get it don’t get in my face dude just move on.


The camera stays on him


John: What the hell do you want from me it was my fault I messed up. The so called leader of The Wrestling Club made stupid mistakes and lost his team the match.


John gets up tears rolling down his eyes getting right up in the camera


John: THIS ISNT OVER!!! My goal when I came here was to get those tag championships and god damn it I’m going to do it. I don’t care if Sanctum or any other teams are the champions The Wrestling Club will be back and we will become champions. Now move the hell on you got what you wanted from me.


John takes the camera and throws it onto the ground before storming off

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