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Back at Home: Volume #3

El Parca

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An overhead light is switched on inside an old garage. The camera panning back and forth from a first person view. The person behind the carry clears their throat as they walk forward into the garage. Walking by an old vintage car that has a cover on it to avoid it getting dusty, a workbench on the left with miscellaneous scattered tools. Finally reaching the endpoint the person is in front of a locked door.


Pulling out a key ring with a collection of keys, he sorts through them finding a key wrapped in black duct tape on it. He puts it inside the door handle, giving it a bit of a wiggle as it unlocks. He enters into a different room this time with a TV, a recliner, a filing cabinet, and VCR player.


Breaking his silence the man begins to talk to himself.


???: It almost feels like yesterday we both were in here… together.


He goes toward the filing cabinet as he turns on the TV. Opening the top drawer of the cabinet he pulls out a dust covered VHS tape with “Royvala’s Showcase #20”. He puts it into the VCR and the tape begins to play.


???: Something isn’t right… that isn’t normally who you are. Was this where it begun?


As the man is talking to himself the tape is fast forwarding until he clicks the remote and it stops. The camera now transitions into the tv screen.


The following commentary has been voiced over by English Commentary for an easier viewing experience.


Commentary: This is it folks! Our main event of the evening, we will have Los Atomico’s taking on RR16 with Santos Gutierrez!


The tape pauses as now the camera is able to see the TV and the man with his head forward facing the tv. He leans back in his chair and runs his hands through his hair letting out a disgruntled sigh.


???: This is where it all went wrong. Where I thought their family would have put it behind us. Instead… They took my kindness for weakness and prayed for my son's downfall.


???: This is why my boy left soon after this is why…


The camera zooms back into the screen as the match rolls on.


Commentary: What a maneuver by RR16! They go for the cover on Blue Atomico!


Crowd: 1… 2… NO!


Commentary: My goodness the heart of this young man! Blue Atomico looking to put on one of his best performances to date.


Blue Atomico gets ahold of himself as he focuses on one half of RR16. Lunging toward his opponent, Blue Atomico misses smacking his head off the middle turnbuckle. As he turns around grabbing at his head the current member of RR16 grabs Blue Atomico and brings him crashing down with a devastating piledriver.


The man jerks away from the screen as he physically cringes.


???: He is still young! He’s still a boy! Why would you exploit a bad mistake like this!?


The member of RR16 covers Blue Atomico as the referee makes the count.


Crowd: 1…2…3!


Commentary: And there you have it! A valiant effort from Los Atomicos but not enough to keep up with RR16!


Commentary is drowned out by the crowd noises as Santos Gutierrez walks into the ring hovering over the body of Blue Atomico.


???: And this… this is where you had to bring my innocent son into this.


Santos kneels down grabbing Blue Atomico by the mask face first as he swings a heavy right hand to the face of Atomico. The crowd goes eerily silent as Santos rains down another massive blow. The crowd reactions turn into screams and pleading for Atomico.


The man is now in the picture but only his cheek is shown as tears begin to roll down his face. He grips the armrests of his chair hard enough to where the fabric begins to tear. As the beatdown continues, suddenly a yell can be heard.


???: Hector!!! Come quick! Miguel and Mark are opening the show!!


The mans quickly recomposes himself wiping the tears off of his face and pauses the film. He shuts the tv off and begins to exit the room.


Hector: Time to watch my boy do what he does best! Coming mi amor.


Hector turns back toward the tv one last time


Hector: I’ll never forgive you for what you did to my son. But I at least know my family is the one still carrying their family mask. Unlike yours, Gutierrez.


And with that he exits the room and flicks the lights off as the cameras fade down, before shutting off we hear “WELCOME GUYS, GALS, AND NON-BINARY PALS TO NIGHT ONE OF WRESTLUTION!”

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