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The House God Built, Pt. 1

Christian Garcia

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Gallup, New Mexico


Outside a quaint house in Gallup, New Mexico, the sounds of life well lived fill the air. There's muffled Spanish from within the house, but the camera, belonging to a smartphone, is focused on an old, slightly rusted patio table in the backyard. Stepping out of frame, and taking a seat in front of the camera, is Christian Garcia, no ring gear in sight. The 'Future investment' as he was once known is dressed casually in a tank top and jeans, his beard starting to grow more wild and his dyed blonde hair tousled with sweat and dry wind.


CG: Shit, it's been a long day. Have to admit, not having to catch flights to New York is a plus. The food's a lot better, too, but man, the work's definitely harder.


A man offscreen replies with a thick Kentucky accent.


???: Ain't that right? And both your legs are working!


CG: You're walkin' around nowadays, come on, Blake.


"Blake": Oh yeah, sure, I can hobble around like 70 year old man and try my damnedest to dance the polka to entertain the baby while you sit around talking to your homies all day.


CG: Yo, I owe the guy an apology and then some, lay off. I'm just letting him know I'm working on getting it. The 'then some', that is.


"Blake": By 'working on it', you mean spending the little bit of money you were able to keep from the out of court settlement to buy back your old gym.


CG: Buddy, you can't see it now, but one day, that place is gonna do for some kid what you did for me, and what I did for Jas. Hopefully more than one, but even if it's just one, it'll pay for itself.


"Blake": So you're gonna do it all on your own, then. Jasmin's got the baby to worry about.


The two men are silent, and CG smirks at him, tapping his fingers against the patio table.


CG: I mean... I already have the sign... I have the gym... you have the money for the materials...


"Blake": And this is the part where you appeal to our shared tag team experience and our WONDERFUL times together up to, and including, when I tore my MCL jumping over your fat ass.


CG: You jumped through a JAPANESE table covered in barbed wire and light tubes to try and land with knee pads covered in glued on thumb tacks, onto the guy on the table, after jumping off my shoulders, which, need I remind you, were covered in blood from where I got clocked with a half-broken singapore cane-


"Blake": 'BUSH LEAGUE!'


CG: Bush league. So, you gonna help me out or not?


"Blake": Does the sun rise in the East?


A long, awkward pause ensues.


CG: No, no it doesn't.


"Blake": Shit, I knew that sounded wrong. Yeah, I'll help you.


CG: That's what I thought. Had me worried for a second there, old man.


"Blake": Boy, my knees may be fucked but my arms work just fine-



To be continued in Part 2

Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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