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WhereCulture Exclusove: New Era, New Signings, New Bags, and so much more!

El Parca

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As of 1:30 PM EST fresh from the desk of Brian Williams, OCW’s new era begins relatively soon. But, as this new era begins there comes a wave of contraction extensions, contract signings, and even some releases!


Jasmin Kaffee, Ambition’s pillar of their women’s division has signed a new contraction extension with OCW. Jasmin has been performing extremely well under the Ambition banner during her time here in OCW. A spokesperson from the company has said that they “feel Jasmin will make a big splash in the women’s division when the time comes.” Congratulations go out to Jasmin Kaffee and we look forward to her future in OCW.


OCW’s resident surfer dude Johnny Tsunami has been let go from his developmental deal. Sources in the company share that the two parties could not agree to new terms on a deal for the surfer. While some in the company were upset to hear the surfer was no longer going to be under OCW contract, others were relieved and it was rumored that Johnny was “rough” and “hard to work with” at times. A spokesperson from the company reached out and said “We will Johnny all the best in his future endeavors and will perhaps see him back down the road.”


Scumchester’s chosen son, SEND BISHOP, Luis Bishop also has been signed to a new OCW deal as of the writing of this article. Bishop who was primarily seen on the Scumchester/Alastair Ross shows was signed to an Ambition deal not too long ago. OCW GM, Tiberius Dupree gave the young rookie a matchup on Riot to see how he would fit. Although the match wasn’t exactly what management wanted to see we’ve been told from multiple sources close to Our Hero JCS, and Tiberius Dupree that Luis Bishop has been signed full-time to OCW to work under all banners the company has. Congratulations to Luis for achieving this monumental accomplishment.


Recent rumblings around the country have been told about odd sightings of a “floating woman” who is heard laughing and cackling in and out of space. Law enforcement all around the country is stating if you see and or come across this woman please get away and seek safety immediately. Coincidentally OCW’s Joanna Silver has not been seen in quite some time. While Silver is still under OCW contract at this time we do not know if she’ll be able to resign due to floating around in space and time.


With a new era coming into OCW that also means new prospects. OCW General Manager, Tiberius Dupree, has been seen scouting for new crossover talent, current rumblings about his endeavors are being focused on an undefeated kickboxer & Thai boxer Chance Williams. Chance Williams, was seen attempting to qualify for the Greco-Roman Olympic wrestling team in 2016. After a failed attempt at the Olympics, Chance turned his sights fully onto being a full-time Thai boxer and kick boxer in the States and Singapore. Sources close to the situation are hoping OCW can sign the new prospect as the company has seen rapid success with recent crossover stars such as Harris Turner and Marcus McMichaels.


OCW programming is gearing up to resume in the beginning of April, with all these new changes and additions we can only imagine how exciting this new era of OCW will truly be.

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