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Easter Sunday, 30,000 feet in the air, 100 miles off the coast of France.


The Parker family is sitting first class on their way to Milan, Italy for the start of their weeklong vacation while Elliot handles business elsewhere in the country.


In the first suite are OCW stars Alyssa Marceaux and Elliot Parker. They have been talking strategy in OCW the whole trip over a bottle of Rosé.


Alyssa: Now, We got Marisa figured out, now what we gonna do 'bout do about that caveman Nate Mac? He gon' be in a rage after what we do to that used-up Barbie.


Elliot: He is unpredictable. However, seeing what he did to Carter Friday, he's definitely blinded by rage. I know what I have to do now. It won't be pretty though.


Alyssa: Well, long s'we got that settled we can rest easy this whole trip. And we can toast to that!


Elliot: Indeed.


Alyssa: Just sayin', you should still lemme put somethin' over that eye. Givin people the creeps. I do'n know how people gon' react in Italy.


Elliot, seemingly annoyed at the thought, walks over to a mirror and holds his eye open.


Elliot: Like I said before, whatever yall are seeing, I can't. There is nothing wrong with my fuckimg eye, so drop it.


In the second suite are their twin daughters, Marguerite and Marie-Ange. Oblivious to the happenings of their parents, the 6-year olds are using the tv in their room to watch random videos on Youtube


In the last suite are their only son, 15-year old E.J., and their oldest daughter, 17-year old Loretta. Unlike the rest of the family, they've been mostly quiet the whole trip. Aside from occasionally talking amongst themselves and accepting meals from the stewardesses, they have remained recluse in their suite throughout the flight. You see, not too long ago E.J. accidentally stumbled upon his fathers' secret. Upon learning this, Elliot requested only two things of him, secrecy and trust.


E.J. accepted the terms, then confided in his older sister. She, however, can keep a secret much better than he can.

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