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The Glorious Change Is Coming


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The scene opens up to the living room of a well-furnished crib.


Based on the exquisite view of the CN Tower out of the framed penthouse windows we know this is somewhere in downtown Toronto Canada. It is night time but this city doesn't seem to sleep, the street alive with lights and people.


A man sits in an elegant armchair, turned away from us so that all we can make out is his grayish dreadlocks loosely flowing down the back while the rest of him is obscured by the chair. He looks like he is wearing an old-school smoking jacket and has a vodka glass in his hand.


Voice: Soon the people will rejoice at the 2ND COMING.


He takes a sip from the glass, the diamond-shaped ice cubes in the glass making a clinking noise as he does.


Voice: The GLORIOUS CHANGE is coming...


He sets down the glass on the table beside him, then picks up what looks like a mask from the same table. We can't make out much about the mask due to the shadows in the room.


Voice: And YOU'RE WELCOME for it!!!


As the man is putting on the mask the scene fades away, leaving us to wonder what this all meant and who that man was.

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A man who uses the Morrison Method and knows the difference between 'your' and 'you're'? He has my heart already!
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