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WhereCulture News: MAJOR Personality Shakeup for Chaos Theory 2022


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As originally reported in various outlets in the media and confirmed this morning by OCW sources who have been in close contact with Jaysin Clinton Sensation, we have learned that there will be a change at the desk for OCWFed's first major pay-per-view event in what they've dubbed the "new era".


Most sources have confirmed that for the first time since December of 2018, current commentator Jake Allen will not be appearing on the Chaos Theory show in any capacity on commentary.


After rumors originally started to circulate early last weekend, WhereCulture began to investigate before hearing several different stories around the cause of the expected change, before it was confirmed early this evening.


One source claims to be uncertain about the reason, but speculates it has something to do with Allen's recent contract negotiations, though the status of the lead commentator's contract is unknown to most pro wrestling outlets. Others have pressed forward rumors of everything ranging from illness to discontent with his role in the company to Allen being unhappy with the final card of the show.


At this time, everything is speculation and should be taken with a grain of salt.


Fortunately for those who plan on watching the 10-match, gimmick-heavy spectacle, most expect Ambition regular and fan-favorite Nick Pepperoni to fill in for the huge PPV event alongside Mr. Sensation.


One thing is for sure, it will be a fun show with huge matches all night!

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