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Summercide 2022 Aftermath: Terra Daturas


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August 27th, 2022 - 5:46pm - Miami, FL


We open to the bustling sounds of OCW staff hustling through the halls during Summercide. Just outside of the curtain, men and women with large headsets move quickly around the backstage area.


One woman approaches the curtain as it's thrown back by the arm of Terra Daturas, making her way backstage after suffering defeat at the hand of Furiosa. She looks angry and disappointed as she continues through the back.


She looks up and sees Heather Angelo standing in front of her with a smile.


Terra looks left and right, shocked at the sudden appearance. Heather speaks with a concerned, comforting voice.


Heather: Terra? Are you okay?


Terra can't find the words to respond, but hears another voice behind her.


Sue: Terra!


She quickly turns around - perhaps too quickly - as she grabs her head and winces painfully. She slowly opens her eyes and sees her partner and spouse, Sue Plex.


Sue: Darlin', you walked right past me, everything okay?


Terra turns back around and sees a petite crewwoman. Her eyes dart around the backstage area confused before she turns back to Sue.


Terra: Heather?


Sue: Heather?


Terra: She was here, her.


Terra points aggressively to the small crew woman.


Crew: I'm Daffney, I don't know a Heather. We really should get you to the trainers room.


Sue nods with concern and helps Terra balance herself. She whispers, "was it the kick?" to her wife as she helps her down the hall.


Terra again shakes her head and blinks a few times. She walks with the two women but as she places her hand on her head, she stops dead in her tracks.


Terra: No, I cannot go in there.


Crew: You have to, you don't look good.


Terra: I am good.


Crew: I dunno, you look like you have a con-


Terra pulls away from the crewwoman with an angry look on her face.


Terra: No. Stop it.


Sue pulls Terra towards her and holds her shoulders to speak to her.


Sue: C'mon, please. Terra let them have a look, y’know, like when you need to check the roses for bugs… She just wants to check your head for bugs… That’s all…


Terra looks around frantically, she looks at the crewwoman and back to Sue, closes her eyes tight and takes a deep breath.


She shakes her head very slowly, looking disheartened.


Terra: This cannot happen. I have a match with Furiosa.


Both women attempting to assist Terra look at her very concerned.


Crew: But.. The match already happened.


Terra opens her eyes suddenly and corrects herself.


Terra: Yes, of course. That is what I meant.


Sue gestures towards the crewwoman, shooing her away as she helps Terra down the hall towards the trainers room...

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