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Back at Home: Volume #5 MEXICO CITY

El Parca

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The cameras pick up inside an NYC penthouse apartment as they pan all around the apartment. A calendar that goes into view has an “x” on the date which shows, “September 13th, 2022.” A clock on the wall shows it is currently 10:37 am, the cameras keep panning around as we see an individual in a bed asleep. Long brown hair is draped over the person's face and a suitcase can be seen on the floor with miscellaneous clothing and wrestling gear all ruffled with its top opened up.


A t-shirt can be shown with “Primero Takes Over Mexico City” on top of all the clothing, alongside a ticket that has “Scumchester: Takes Over Mexico City! August 21st, 2022.” The person in the bed turns over not revealing their face as the cameras pick up to nearby keys jingling. The keys sound like they’re being rummaged through until the doorknob jiggles a little. As the doorknob unlocks and twists open the cameras drop down as another figure walks into the apartment. Clicking noises ricochet off the ground as the individual walks closer to the sleeping person. They begin picking up the scattered clothes and wrestling gear on the floor as they begin humming a song in Spanish.


The cameras pick back up and reveal El Parca’s mother, Isabella. Isabella gathers all the clothing and places it in nearby dressers as the cameras stay fixated on her. She roams around the apartment like she’s been here hundreds of times. She sees not much in the apartment has changed as she calls out to her son.


Isabella: You didn’t think you should inform your family you were coming home? Maybe you didn’t wanna feel embarrassed by the constant questioning, the confusion, the pain? Maybe you were scared? Wondering where all your family had gone even though you pushed us away… my poor boy.


The cameras cut to a different view as we can see that Parca’s eyes are open and we only see his eyes. He lay there motionless as his mother continues on.


Isabella: Maybe it’s the fact I took your mask away? Maybe because you’re angry at me, angry at your father, or even angry at the entire world. We- I shouldn’t have let you leave home by yourself. I should’ve been with you, or I should’ve had one of your cousins by your side sooner.


Isabella begins making her way back toward Parca as she pulls a nearby chair out and sits in it as she’s facing Parca, who still has his back turned to her.


Isabella: I was lucky when you found Mark and I knew you were safe with him. I knew he would choose your best interests at hand regardless of what you thought, hence why I finally am here Miguel. I can’t keep watching my son go through all of this alone when you’re not alone mijo.


Parca turns over and looks at his mother, the cameras not seeing his face Isabella looks shocked he had been listening to her the entire time. She puts a hand up to her mouth curious about how much her son has heard her say.


Isabella: Miguel, I didn’t know-


Parca: You didn’t know I was listening? That’s what a lot of people think mom. They think I don’t listen, think I just make irrational decisions without thinking about what’s next. And y’know what? They’re right.


Parca sits up in his bed as Isabella continues to look at her son.


Parca: You’re right, I’m angry, I’m sad, I’m heartbroken, I’m everything mother. You took away my mask, telling me you couldn’t stand to see what I’d become. Talking about how Dennis this, Dennis that, you and everyone just don’t seem to get it do you?


Parca: I have done horrible things, I have done things I don’t want to think about I don’t want to remember. I can’t change that, I can’t turn back time and redo those things. Dennis though? He helped me get to where I needed. He helped me be able to provide the life you, papa, and EVERYONE back home benefit from.


Parca puts his face in his hands as he let’s out a stressed sigh. Isabella stands up and sits on the bed as she rubs his back and brings him closer placing his head on her shoulder.


Isabella: You’re always going to be my baby boy Miguel. I miss you, your father misses you, and I don’t want you to keep doing what you're doing to yourself. When will enough be enough Miguel? When you can’t walk? When you wake up in pain every day?


Parca: And you don’t think I miss you all? I wish I could be home, but you and everybody else know exactly what I’m doing. I have business to handle and whether you approve of it or not I am a man of my word.


Parca: Maybe Elliot Parker was right, I have sins to atone for, I’ve made a lot of mistakes and it’s not time to go home yet. Who knows, maybe my first sin to atone for will be at RIOT 591, maybe management will rip away my North American Championship.


Parca sits up and looks at his mother again.


Parca: That’s the thing, mom, they don’t believe in me, but you know who does? Dennis. I lost the World Championship? Dennis took care of me. Dennis has been by my side regardless of win, loss, or destruction.


Isabella: As much as I wish that I could get you to change your mind I respect your decision. I should’ve done better for you Miguel, I should’ve been there regardless if I agreed with the decision or not. I’m sorry, but as a mother, I can’t watch you go down this path.


Isabella stands up from the bed and makes her way to the door.


Isabella: When you’re ready to come home and slow down, you know me and your father will always welcome you back Miguel. We’ll always have our eye on you baby, please be safe, for me.


Parca begins tearing up as his mother opens the door and walks out as he can’t give an answer. He lays back down staring at the ceiling as the cameras fade to black.

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