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Training Day


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The scene fades in as the cameras turn the corner and into what looks like the P3 Fitness Center. We see the Lord of the Lariat, The Emperor of the Enzuguri, the King of Kindness, The Sultan of Safety, The Messiah Of the Multiverse, Living Legend Larry Mugen in the flesh clanging and banging like he's never clanged or banged before.


He finishes another set of leg presses as he steps off the machine to towel himself off. It should be a lazy Sunday but there's nothing lazy about Mugen at the moment. He starts speaking without every looking directly at the camera.

Mugen: Kassidy......freaking........Hayes.......old sport we go back a long ways.


Mugen stretches his neck as he continues to towel himself off.

Mugen: Some might say that back in 2017, I made you who you are. You remember. The Purge. The Compliance Paint. You are a product of my body of work just as much as that rat bastard Ryu Matsumoto claims to be your father.


Mugen goes over to the mini-fridge in the gym and grabs an ice cold mango seltzer. He cracks it open right before taking a big sip and does a little shimmy of happiness.

Mugen: Now that's the good stuff. Kassidy, in some ways, you could even say that Kasstianity was born out of The Purge. I mean honestly, I should be charging you for royalties because I know exactly where that face paint is manufactured.


Mugen takes another big sip before continuing on.

Mugen: So this week on Turmoil, we are going to take it back to 2017. We are going to take it back to the glory days of OCW when yours truly ran wild with a crew of madmen and madwomen. When yours truly had the gold around his waist. When yours truly was your senior, Kassidy Hayes. You may have beaten me, mind you after several tries, but you never surpassed me. I will show you what it is like once again to be in the presence of The Overlord himself.


Mugen starts walking away seemingly finishing up his rant.

Mugen: You know what, I'm not done yet.


Mugen wags his finger as he does a little spin and comes back towards the direction of the camera.

Mugen: As I was working out this week, getting myself into game shape, Empress reminded me of something.


Mugen points at the Japanese flag hanging in the ceiling of the P3 Fitness Center.

Mugen: OCW Red Sun Rising is in a few weeks and I don't have a match. OCW returns to my motherland and it's just not right if I'm not on the show. So that being said, I'm calling my shot. Anybody who wants to get in the ring with yours truly, just say the word.


Mugen points at the camera now.

Mugen: But understand you are not going to get Safety First Mugen. You are not going to get one half of the platinum platonic partners, shout out to my comrade Drago. No.


Mugen wags his finger at the camera a la Dikembe Mutombo


Mugen: You are going to get the Lord. Of. The. Lariat. You are going to get somebody who will beat you up and down Roppongi without breaking a sweat. I will drag you through the streets of Shibuya and smear your blood on the walls of Ikebukuro. Best believe I will take the head off of whichever poor soul wants to walk in the ring with me.


Mugen smirks for the camera as he looks away and raises his hands in the air.

Mugen: I'm back baby. Win or lose, I'm bringing back the violence. Peace!


Mugen blows a kiss at the camera with a crazed look on his face as he walks away. The camera fades to black.

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