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Answer The Old Mans Wish


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It’s a cool night here in Tokyo, Japan. By cool we mean the night is young, the people are out, the good smell of food is hitting the streets and the neon lights are lit like Christmas Trees.


The OCW World Heavyweight Champion, Harvey Hamilton Ocean overlooks it all out of a 12ft window from his hotel suite.


H2O: There’s a weird feeling in the air. It feels like a mixture of affliction and nostalgia.


H2O: I haven’t been here since my Head Rookie days. That’s when my career hopped on a treadmill that was on full speed and took off prior to me coming to Japan for the first time.


H2O: I’ve had dealings with AC Cobra, Ryu Matsumoto (Ligermask, Illuminati) whatever. Bobby Minio and even my now savior, Kassidy Hayes.


H2O: Those were just to name a few.


A black limo pulls up to the hotel. Francis and the rest of Papa Kass’s ghouls get out. They open the back door to the limo and the scene switches back to Harvey.


H2O: My name wasn’t as big as it is now.


H2O looks up at the electronic billboard and sees Paul Pugh and himself as one of the headliners for Red Sun Rising.


H2O: That is the nostalgic feeling that I have right now. 5yrs ago is when it all started and it comes full circle here tonight.


Francis walks in all while the ghouls are covering up someone walking behind them. Paparazzi is trying to take photos but they cannot get a clear shot. They are covered with some sort of veil.


They enter the elevator and hit the suite button.


H2O: Pepe Le Pugh was the name I used to call him. But for some reason now, I’m no longer in the mood to be disrespectful. This man forged people like DOC, Tony and myself.


H2O: We weren’t part of some Academy, Club or Scum. We were just hand picked by him to carry this company on our backs for the greater good of OCW. He trusted us.


H2O: But he never fully trusted me.


H2O: Pugh has never come back time and time again to remind DOC who the hell he is. He never came back to remind Tony who the hell he is. But he has for me. Each time that he did, I was embarrassed and humbly reminded.


H2O: That’s why I feel the affliction.


H2O: Paul Pugh is going to return tonight and blow this place up. After all, he is made of C4 isn’t he? But little does he know Harvey no longer sell explosives. So he can try to blow up on me all he wants.


H2O: H2O will…not…die.


The elevator opens up and dings. Francis walks out with the ghouls down the long hallway towards Harvey’s door.


H2O: I know why you’re back, Pugh. You want to see if I can finally carry the weight of this company on my back. I thought I could in the past but you proved me wrong. Unlike before, this time “Ol’ Blue Shell” you’re coming back at the perfect time.


There’s a knock at the door that snaps Harvey’s tunnel vision that looks onto the big billboard. Francis opens it before Harvey could even respond.


He turns and the ghouls spread their formation to guard the door. Francis and the other person walks up towards Harvey with the veil still covering their face.


Francis: I believe you two have never met.


The person lifts their head along with the veil.


H2O: Empress.


Emp: Why hello, Harvey. Nice to meet you too.


H2O: I must apologize. This is rather informal of us meeting each other like this. I’m lost for words.


Emp: It’s ok. I’m going to be real quick because I know you’re deep in thought. When you do that it just confuses the shit outta me.


Emp: So before you go any further, there’s something that I wanted to give you that’ll help complete your transformation into full Kasstianity.


Empress takes a small wooden pallet out of her satchel and gives it to him. He looks a bit perplexed but still opens it.


H2O eyes widen as he dips two fingers onto the palette and smears black makeup around his eyes. An evil smile comes across both Harvey and Empress.


H2O: Paul Pugh is coming back at a perfect time, Empress. After tonight he will finally be able to rest knowing that OCW is in safe hands.


H2O: With Kasstianity.

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How FUCKING dare you mention my name in the same breath as AC Cobra, I hope Winnie the Pugh dog walks you


AC Cobra was a rival my first year. He wanted rematch after rematch against me. You just happened to fall into a rivalry with me the same year.


I hope Dimsmore squashes you!






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