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[OCWFED.com Exclusive] B.C. Hathaway to appear on Don't Come to New York!

Christian Garcia

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According to insider reports, newly-hired OCW manager B.C. Hathaway, formerly independent professional wrestler Blake Cooper, is scheduled to appear on Don't Come to New York for an expose interview with Stacy Clark.


Hathaway recently made waves after sending a compilation of videos to OCWFED.com regarding the relatively new women's superstar Jasmin Kaffee, who is also reportedly making an appearance on the big show to address her ongoing feud with Debbie D. Notably, Cooper's independent run included long tag team runs with former North American Champion Christian Garcia, who could not be reached for comment about the recent signing.


B.C. states that this interview is being made as a truth-telling effort, and he claims that he will unveil the identity of the masked man identifying himself as 'Templario Oscuro', who appeared on RIOT to taunt Jasmin Kaffee after her loss to Ashley Moore.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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