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Drago Cesar

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We arrive at a local New York convention center, where fans from all around are lining up to see their favorite media personalities. The former 2x Women’s Champion Dragana Cesar has a booth stationed smackdab in the middle of the atrium. The sign above her not only reads her name, but also an organization of sorts named “Build a Bubba”. Stationed right next to her is her good friend Bubba, along with boxes of chibi Bubba plushies in front of him; all in varying colors and types, some with flowers on their heads.


There are already a handful of people in line to meet the pair but a sign in front reads, “Please wait until Whereculture.com interview has concluded before meet and greets. Thank you!”. She looks over to her left and spots an interviewer rushing toward her, with a “cameraman” (person with a phone) accompanying her.


Interviewer: Hey everyone, Whereculture.com here LIVE at WrassleCon and we’re with The Silent Queen Dragana Cesar! Be sure to like, comment, and subscribe!


The interviewer turns to Dragana.


Interviewer: How are you?




Dragana nervously waves at the camera, caught off guard by the lack of time to prepare for an interview.


Interviewer: You’ve had an illustrious career in OCW, facing off against the likes of Empress and Blaine. Times have changed since you were on top though.


Regina Tacet nods.


Interviewer: How do you feel about Furiosa as Women's Champion? Do you think she's been doing a good enough job?


Dragana lets out a nervous laugh and nods again, giving a thumbs up.


Interviewer: What about some of the newer wrestlers that have come up? Sue Plex? Jasmin Kaffee? Harri Etiquette?


The Silent Queen claps a few times in excitement. Someone in the crowd starts chanting something.


Fan: Etiquette, etiquette….


Dragana closes her eyes and slowly swings her head from side to side now that the song is stuck in her head.


Interviewer: They’re still new though, so they don’t compare to the likes of you right?


Dragana: Eh?


Dragana opens her eyes, tilts her head and looks at Bubba, who has placed his head sideways on the table, looking rather disinterested.


More and more people are lined up in front of her.




Dragana waves at the distant fan and blows a kiss at them. She turns back to the interviewer.


Interviewer: Speaking of queens, who do you think will appear and possibly win Queen of OCW?


Dragana's eyes light up and she starts thinking of all the possibilities.


Interviewer: I see. Like a lot of OCW veterans and legends, you seem pretty dismissive of the current roster. Can't blame you for thinking that way.


The Silent Queen turns toward the interviewer, shocked at the disrespect. Bubba has grown tired of the nonsense and roars at her, causing her cameraman to drop his phone and crack it.


Interviewer: S***! Did we get any of that???


Before the cameraman can get his phone back, Bubba cannonball dives on it, destroying whatever was left. He kicks away the pieces before he turns to the interviewer one last time, sticking his tongue out.




He returns to the booth and receives a pat on the head from Dragana. The Silent Queen turns to the crowd and motions for them to come forward. The crowd nearly gets into a frenzy at the chance to meet them. The first person to arrive at the booth is a young man wearing a Terra Daturas shirt. It reads, "Nature’s Favorite Nightmare”.


Young Man: I-I, um, I….


Dragana waves at the nervous fan.


Young Man: YES! Hi! I-um, Terra’s my favorite but I loved it when you were all together in The Troupe! You all helped to express myself because of how you expressed…yourselves! Haha!


Dragana unfastens the azalea from her hair and shows it to the fan.


Young Man: Ohmygodohmygodohmygod! Is it the same one from all those years ago???


Dragana: Mmm!


She nods as she reminisces on the fond memories. She fastens the flower back on her hair and takes a picture with the fan.


Young Man: Do you think- uh. I shouldn’t….Would it ever be possible if sh-


She puts a hand on the young man’s shoulder.


Young Man: I hope she gets better! She’ll be back better than ever!


She gives him a hug to calm him down. The fan leaves, but not before taking a Bubba plushie. Dragana is left with a moment to think. She glares at Bubba. The lion lets out a grunt in response. Dragana smiles before turning to greet the next person in line.

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Harvey forces Furiosa’s thumbs to go up. He then stretches the corner of her lips to make her smile. H2O looks into the camera.


H2O: She says “Hi!” Dragana.






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