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Shianne Lovelace

Shianne Lovelace

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WRESTLER NAME: Shianne Lovelace


HOMETOWN: Buffalo, New York

HEIGHT: 5'2"

WEIGHT: 121lbs | Cruiserweight



SIGNATURE MOVES(S): Clothesline From Hell | Low Blow 2


FINISHERS(S): Love Tap [Discus Clothesline 4]




[subject to change overtime as I iron out aspects of her character!]


Born and raised in Buffalo, NY - Shianne Lovelace (Shianne Alexandra Elizabeth Lacie Bradstone) has always stood out just a tad. With snow-white skin, a stocky build, a foul mouth and standing about as tall as that one really annoying toddler in your extended family, she's never found fitting in to be her strength. Studying wasn't, either, as she would've rather screwed around anywhere else but at her school. It was only natural she picked up an affinity for fighting, then, and built up a reputation for being a hard hitting gal who didn't take anything from anybody. Taking boxing classes certainly helped her in her quest to beat up the classmates that annoyed her, too, but if you asked her she'd tell you it was all natural instinct.


After she got out of school she befriended an independent wrestler, who got her into some training camps. She took to it like a fish to land, in that she sandbagged the hell out of everyone and didn't seem to care. This earned her a reputation, and not exactly a positive one, and in her 'pro debut' she effectively retired the friend that got her into the business in the first place via injury - that friendship didn't last much longer after that little ordeal. She then retired herself, deciding that a business full of, to quote her directly from the show she did this on: "Arrogant f**k-heads and p*ssies can't take a punch from a pint-sized b*tch like me, *chuckle*," just wasn't for her. (Don't worry, she's got a sense of humor too.)


That was, until an anonymous employee from OCW in New York City contacted her upon seeing the tape of the single pro match she had to her name and offered her a job. Deciding she needed a change of pace, and a new roster of people to pick fights with given that the streets of Buffalo were getting a little barebones, she signed onto a deal with the federation and officially made her debut as the surprise partner of VanPark on Turmoil 289.

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