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The Farmchise

Jacob Trance

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A cockerel crows off in the distance as a pair of figures can be made out in the cold, weak, morning light.


One is wrapped up quite well, rubbing his hands together as his breath comes out as water vapor because of the temperature.


Ortiz: And you do this every day, big guy?


The camera pans to Mark Reese, he’s not quite as wrapped up as Nate but his flannel jacket actually has sleeves for once.


Reese: As sure as the sky is blue Nate, the farm doesn't sleep like you and I.


They continue onward, their destination is a barn up ahead.


Reese: There she is!


Reese grins as they draw up to the massive barn, Nate looks on.


Ortiz: It looks good, that paint we put on seems to have taken well.


Reese: You’re right, seems like you’re a legendary painter as well as a wrassler.


Both men have a chuckle to one another and enter. A loud bleat greets them as a small goat comes running over.


Reese: Steady on there Goatista, this ain’t quite breakfast time yet.


Nate eyes the small mammal.


Reese: Nate Ortiz, meet Goatista Cesar. Named by… Well I’m sure you could work it out.


Nate laughs and shakes his head jokingly.


Ortiz: Couldn’t even guess if I’m being honest.


Reese rolls his eyes before laughing as well.


Reese: Okay so y’see those shelves that Colin set up? We’re gonna be movin’ the chicken feed from the pen next door up into that.


Ortiz: That sounds like a long day's work.


Reese grins.


Reese: No way. We’re getting it done in half a day! C’mon… I’ll show you where to start.


Reese walks inward and goes through a small door. Nate goes to follow and pauses, looking over his shoulder as Goatista eyes him with suspicion. The hall of shamer gives the animal a look before shaking it off to follow Reese.

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