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That's One Hunnid


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TMZ cameras catch OCW Superstar 'The Gramazon' Debbie D. walking outside of the arena after Turmoil 289, looking to get the comments that OCW camera crews could not following her assault on Jasmin Kaffee.


A cameraman gets into Debbie's face, asking her questions. At a point, the paparazzo gets too close, triggering Debbie to push them away. Their camera falls ungracefully to the concrete below.


Debbie: Get that shit out my face.


Paparazzo: I'm just doing my job, I'm just doing my job.


Debbie looks around, almost offended at the implication.


Debbie: Doing your job? Doing your JOB?! Little boy, you don't know what having a job is. Your job is to follow stars like me around and look for a little clickbait quote. You wanna quote, you little dick weasel?


Debbie: I gotch'ya quote, boy.


Debbie stops in her tracks and leans down towards the camera.


Debbie: I been playing this little game far too long. I came into this shit with an entirely different vision to what I got right now. I came in here wanting to be me. I came in here with the biggest social media following of any new OCW star of all time.


Debbie: What was I met with? I was told I'm gonna be some fun loving social star. I was told to "tone down" what makes me ME.


Debbie: I'm about sick of it. I tried to play the role. I tried to be y'all's little "alt" and have a good time.


Debbie: There's an almost unlimited amount of talent and passion in this locker room and instead of being recognized as one of them, I get tossed to the side as some little insecure girl's shoulder to cry on.


Debbie: Like I ain't the biggest star in this fucking game, tho. Nah. The D ain't never stood for shit. The D stands for "dumbass gimmick".


Debbie: My name is Deborah Soto. I been bigger than every one of you little cameraboys. I been bigger than every single one of these women. I been the biggest star in the best women's division in this business.


Debbie: 'Debbie D.' was made to sell t-shirts and action figures. The D. never stood for shit. Y'all can keep that.


Debbie: From here on out, I'm gonna keep it ONE HUNNID. You get Deborah Soto, you get the woman who brought mainstream attention to a business that's always struggled to be taken seriously.


Debbie: As for Jasmin? Wrong place, wrong time, hun. I told you and your lil' boyfriend I ain't got time for games. You were never my friend, you were just tryna get ahead. I saw that from day 1... but I tried to be a team player for OCW.


Debbie grabs the camera and pulls it close.


Debbie: Fuck OCW. Fuck being a team player.


Debbie: Deborah Soto's nobody's stepping stone. Bring that fake ass energy to the tourney so I can show all you fake "workrate" bitches who the realest one is.


Debbie: I'm walking out that building the ONLY Queen of OCW. D-Plus unlocked tonight. You ain't seen anything yet.


Debbie: Now get this shit out my face... Matter fact?


Deborah tosses her bag at the paparazzo, causing them to stumble back.


Debbie: Keep this shit, too. I don't need it anymore.


She swings the door open to her car, entering the backseat, as the paparazzi swarm the car to get more answers... The car speeds off into the night, leaving nothing but the sounds of flashing cameras in it's wake.

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