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[Post Riot 600] Everybody Wants To Cut My Legs Off

Christian Garcia

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It's backstage at Riot 600, and an impromptu press conference has been set up for the various wrestlers after a night of massive sea change for OCW. Many have come and gone, but now it's Jasmin Kaffee's turn. The Pro Wrestling Powerhouse has a hot towel wrapped around her neck, noticeable streaks in her makeup, and otherwise just looks like she's been through it.


Interviewer 1: Jasmin, Dick van Diet, first of all, congratulations on your championship victory tonight... you went to absolute war with Harri out there. First question to you, this is your biggest victory to date in OCW, so I just want to get an idea of how you feel right now.


Jasmin laughs, shaking her head.


Jasmin: I feel like I'm gonna wake up in bed with my boyfriend and this is all gonna be a really weird dream. Am I dreaming? Is this real?


There's some muted chuckling from the crowd, but Jasmin manages to compose herself long enough to give a proper response.


Jasmin: I feel like I had a lot to prove tonight. I owe a lot of people a lot of thanks, so let me just get that out of the way. Terra, Sue, and Dragana have always believed in me from the very beginning, even when things got really bad, and I didn't believe in myself. I owe them the world and more.


Jasmin: Stephen McCallum, Aries, took me in at a vulnerable point in my career and tried to set me on the right path, and as weird and complicated as the stuff at the Academy got there at the end. I wish he were around to see this. I wish we were still around to see this.


Jasmin: Thanks to Bill Pine for picking up where he left off and finishing my training, as tough as it was sometimes. I know I'm not the best student in the world. And...


Jasmin looks a bit conflicted. She looks around the room, as if looking for someone, a deep sense of sadness in her eyes as she doesn't seem to find them. She sighs, the microphone picking up her physical and emotional exhaustion as she turns back to the crowd.


Jasmin: In the locker room before my match, I had an honest conversation with myself in the mirror. I didn't think I deserved to even be here, much less have this opportunity. I've never felt like I've belonged here. I never understood professional wrestling.


Jasmin: I understood how to wrestle, that much is clear, and I can't thank all my teachers and friends enough for putting me on the right track. But I don't get... this. I don't get how someone can be your friend for a few months and then you stab them in the back over some perceived disrespect.


Jasmin: I don't get how you can be so hateful as to put on a mask and try to hurt someone who only ever looked up to you, in spite of everything that happened before. I don't understand the need for all these mind games and cheap tricks.


Jasmin: Here's what I understand. Harri Etiquette has been game from day one. We locked horns for the first time on the second show of the Ambition reboot as part of a fatal four way match, and I won that match by a lucky shot. Harri put on a show in there. I could have told you back there she was better than me.


Jasmin: And from that day to now, it's been tough for me. I've gotten knocked down more times than I can count, but I always get back up. I've had moments where I doubted I belonged in this company, but my friends, my loved ones, my son, have always been there telling me to get back up again and get back in there.


Jasmin: A-and it's been hard. But it's been worth it. The pain, the struggle, the tears, it's all been worth it. Because no matter what happens after tonight, no matter what EMP says, no matter what Christian Garcia says, no matter what anyone else says.


Jasmin: Tonight, on Riot 600, Jasmin Kaffee was the baddest woman on the planet. Jasmin Kaffee went in there with Harri Etiquette, took her to the absolute limit, and came out on top. Jasmin Kaffee proved she belongs here. Jasmin Kaffee proved it to everyone that ever doubted her, but most of all she proved it to herself.


Jasmin: Jasmin Kaffee can go home tonight to her apartment, show this championship to her son, and say "Spencer, this is for you. This is proof that I am good enough not just as a wrestler, but as your mother. That I can provide for you, that I can be an example that you can be proud of."


Jasmin: And you can take this title from around my waist, but you can NEVER take that from me.


Jasmin pauses, looking around the now-quiet press room, and cracks another nervous chuckle, placing her head in her hands.


Jasmin: I went a little off the rails there, didn't I? Uh, next question. Thanks, Dick.


The crowd chuckles along with her, and another interviewer speaks up.


Interviewer 2: Jasmin, Arnold Armbar with MMA Front and Center...

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Christian Garcia:


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Jasmin Kaffee:


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