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Backstage at Turmoil 295: Power is Power (and I'm Tripping Right Now)

Christian Garcia

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Backstage after the assault on her leg by TOG, Jasmin Kaffee sits, glowering, on the medical table as she watches Debbie D's recent rampage across the independent circuit on a monitor. There's an uncharacteristic hardness to her face, like she wants to scream, but can't.


Her silent glowering is interrupted by the arrival of one of the OCW medical team, a young woman about her age.


Med Team Member: Good news, Jas. Doesn't seem to be any tear or fracture, though I'm not ruling out a sprain or a bruise just yet... I don't think you'll need to take any time off. In fact, I think we can clear you for Riot-


Jasmin: Thank you, Cassie-


Cassie: Under one condition.


Jasmin turns her glare to the young woman, who returns it with an impassive smile.


Cassie: I want you to wear a brace, just to be safe.


Jasmin: I don't need a GODDA-


Cassie seems momentarily taken aback, and Jasmin, too, seems surprised, stopping herself short.


Jasmin: ...A gosh-darned knee brace. I ain't never had an injury before. I can walk on it just fine, look.


Jasmin, to illustrate her point, attempts to stand up off the table. She manages to put a little bit of weight on the leg, but audibly cries out the moment she shifts her full weight forward, leaning back with haste.


Cassie: Please don't make it any worse, Jas. I haven't signed the paperwork yet, so if you don't consent to the brace... I can't in good conscience clear you for next week.


Jasmin seems to mull over this for a moment, before sighing in defeat and nodding her head.


Jasmin: I'll wear it.


Cassie: Good. I gotta go get that paperwork done and turned in to Miss Empress-


Jasmin: She'd have made me wrestle anyway.


Cassie: Maybe so, but I would have stood by you. So would all the ladies in the locker room. The ones that matter, anyway. You take it easy, I'll be right back.


With that, Cassie leaves the room, and Jasmin. Turning her attention back to the monitor, Jasmin's anger seems even more apparent, completely divorced from the usually kind and gentle Pro Wrestling Powerhouse. She runs her fingers through her matted hair, just as the door opens again.


Jasmin: Cassie, I'm sorry for snapping-


CG: I'm not Cassie.

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Christian Garcia:


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Jasmin Kaffee:


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Indeed, it's not Cassie. Instead, it's the so-called "Player Hater Of The Year" and self-proclaimed Haterweight Champion Of The World, Christian Garcia, dressed in a suit vest, red shirt and tie, and slacks. His hair is tied up in a high topknot, and on his wrist is a brand new Rolex watch. It seems that the former Future Investment has been paid again.


Jasmin, for her part, seems terrified, scooting back on her table and looking at the door as if she's going to call for help.


CG: Calmate, mi carina, calmate. I'm not going to hurt you. Emp would probably give me a nice bonus if I finished what her girls started, but Scum handles our business, and TOG handles theirs. No, I've been meaning to talk to you since I saw what happened out there. See, I think you finally understand me.


Jasmin: What could I possibly hope to understand about you, you snake!?


CG: I've still got plenty of bite, so mind that mouth. My point is... I saw that look on your face. I heard you from out in the hall. You're mad, lil' miss. You see what Empress and her girls are doing, you see Debbie D doing more in this sport than you could ever do with your paper championship... and you're pissed. You're angry.


CG walks forward, and Jasmin runs out of table to back up on. He pokes her in the sternum once, then twice.


CG: You got that hate in your heart... just like me. I wonder what you call it. Righteous anger? Justice? Integrity? I don't really care. But what matters to me is the fact that you aren't nearly as clean as you think you are. You saw what your man did to John Carter. You've seen what I do to people. And think about it. Aside from Miss Daturas... every friend you've ever had has betrayed you!


CG: Flojo, Ashley, Debbie, Aries, John... even me, if you feel inclined to feel that way, though I would call it less 'betrayal' and more 'a harsh lesson'.


CG: How long, Jasmin? How long are you going to hold onto this delusion that you belong in this business? This place isn't for you, hija. This is a den of liars, thieves, and killers. You wandered into the wrong woods... and now the big bad wolves are gonna be nipping at your heels for as long as you hold that championship.


CG: Sooner or later, you're gonna have to show some claws-


???: Cubano!


Another voice, familiar yet not identifiable, comes from the door. CG turns to look at the door.


CG: ¿Qué es eso?


???: Basta de juegos. Tenemos trabajo que hacer.


CG: Si, si, dame un segundo.


With that, CG turns back to Jasmin with a sickeningly false smile, and tips an invisible hat to her.


CG: Best of luck, champ. Can tell you from experience... your friends won't stay your friends long.


With that, CG exits the room, leaving a shaken Jasmin to watch the door with wide eyes and a cold sweat running down her brow.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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