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BREAKING: Fight Erupts At Photoshoot, Wrestler FINED - WhereCulture Wrestling Report


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Tweets and reports circulated around the world of pro wrestling late last night, as it was being rumored that two OCW competitors were involved in a physical altercation that required several others to separate. Only two wrestlers have been specifically named in the alleged incident, though we know at least 10 OCW contracted wrestlers were at the studio for a media-shoot.


WhereCulture was initially uncertain about the validity of the reports, a recent update confirms that the police were indeed called to the studio at around 7:54pm Sunday night.


The trouble comes at a bad time for one of the principle players in the brawl, Deborah Soto. Soto, who returned to OCW 2 weeks ago, apparently confronted Marisa Welch-Mac regarding their segment on Turmoil last Friday.


According to sources who were at the studio, both women were scheduled to appear at the photoshoot, but were booked far apart. Apparently, Soto arrived long before her scheduled appointment and used the opportunity to pick a fight with Welch-Mac. What began as a verbal remark ended up escalating into a shoving match with multiple punches thrown. Thankfully, the staff and fellow OCW wrestlers who were there at the time were able to quickly separate the two as police arrived.


No charges were filed for the scuffle and Marisa is said to have offered to pay for any damage to the equipment at the studio.


OCW founder and chairman Jaysin Clinton Sensation declined to comment on the situation, though the prevailing rumor is that Soto has been fined and suspended for this upcoming RIOT 602 show. We have not heard anything regarding potential punishment for Marisa Welch-Mac, but clearly these kinds of dangerous public stunts are doing no favors for OCW's image.


Soto is still amidst a legal battle with at least 2 independent promotions due to her use of their championships on national TV without their approval. Needless to say, the Gramazon's return to OCW has been chock full of controversy.


RIOT 602 airs on Friday, May 12th at 7pm ET. It is the final show before OCW's first pay-per-view event of the new season, Road 2 Glory, which takes place on Saturday, May 20th.

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