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OCWFED.Com Exclusive: Backstage with the Scumchester Academy

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The following segment is an OCWFed.com backstage exclusive, and was not aired on RIOT 602.


Christian Garcia is elated headed into the Scumchester locker room before his big match with Colby MacCallum. Emblazoned on his shirt, the image of the Living Legend, Larry Mugen and the words ‘Have You Seen My GOAT?’. In his hands, two full cases of JD.


Unfortunately, it seems the Scumchester stable isn’t too happy to see him.


CG: Ayyyyyy! Why the long faces, everybody, Big Daddy G brought the libations! Our future CCW Champ deserves celebration, after all!


Samsin, dressed in all black, steps aside, standing just inside the doorway as CG enters the locker room and proceeds to nod in his direction..


Samsin: ..and look who it is, Coach..


Megan: No “G-Man” this time?


Wrex: You shut the fuck up and look at me.


Wrex storms towards CG, who takes a single step back in response.


Wrex: Not only do you take food out of Bishop’s mouth, you bring that motherfucker in to do it, don’t even tell me and expect it to just blow over?


CG: Big man, this is all a big misunderstanding.


Luis throws a couple of glances towards Garca, never making direct eye contact. Instead, opting for a staring contest with the floor.


Wrex: If this blows up in our face again, It’s coming out of your ass, am I fucking clear?


Samsin: You need to listen to the, boss. We've all talked an-


CG: ENOUGH! You would think after what we’ve been through together, I would earn some respect, familia, but CLEARLY I was mistaken! No, you listen to me, Wrex.


CG: Luis Bishop? There is nothing I can teach him. He can stand on his own two feet, he does not need me dragging him down. He could be where Antonio Everett or El Parca is right now. Why waste his time in the tag division?


CG: And Samsin? Boy, you have enough problems with Deaver, and you couldn’t pay me enough to beat his ass for you. No. You settle your business with him, maybe you and I can talk, but until then, you have to prove to me, to Luis, to Megan, and most importantly, to Wrex, that you can handle your own affairs before you get involved in mine.


CG: Megan, carina, you have better things to do than catch whatever disease that skank is carrying. You haven’t even had a match yet this season.


CG: And you, Wrex? You’re about to embark on a historic run. No man will be able to claim the things you have achieved for a long time. Why do you need to worry about what Gonzalo and I do? I’m bringing gold and prestige to this Academy, just like I did for Aries, rest in piss.


CG: But unlike Stephen, you respect me. You give me the accolades, the attention I deserve. And I want to reward that trust with something tangible. The Tag Team Championships. You have problems with Gonzalo, I get it. He’s not one of us, and unless you say so, he never will be.


CG: But those titles will be ours. And so long as one of those belts is around my shoulders, it will belong to all of us, too. Remember that before you judge me too harshly.


After hearing enough, Luis Bishop finally gets up and heads towards Garcia, never breaking his gaze with the floor. In a soft voice, Bishop lets out,


Bishop: The least you could’ve done was ask…


With that, Bishop walks past Garcia and exits the Scumchester locker room. Several members raise a hand to reach out to Luis, but to no avail.


In response, CG puts down the two cases of liquor, and lets out a frustrated huff.


CG: I gotta go clean up your leftovers, if you don’t mind.


Wrex continues to glare, before eventually relenting and grabbing one of the bottles.


Wrex: Don’t fuck this up, keep your word and I’ll consider it, go and bag me a fucking gorilla.


Megan: And at least talk to Luis afterwards.

  • Mark Out! 4

Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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