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OCW Wrestler suffers career-threatening injury at Road 2 Glory!

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Following up on the historic Women's War Games match at this year's OCW Road 2 Glory, we here at the Seltzer Report have some deeply concerning news. OCW Women's Champion Jasmin Kaffee has suffered what appears to be a severe, perhaps even career-ending injury in the aftermath of the match.


After an over-the-top rope senton from Harri Etiquette onto a chair the disgruntled former Women's Champion placed on the current champion's neck, ringside testimony from OCW official Meagan "Meg" Robinson indicates that there was a loud crack that was audible from the front row of the building, and fan reactions indicate that it was very clear something had gone wrong. Ringside medical personnel immediately evacuated Kaffee from the premises and escorted her to a local medical facility.


Injury reports from backstage indicate that Kaffee is suffering from a completely fractured larynx, a tracheal tear, and severe internal hemorrhaging. While she is currently undergoing treatment, official prognosis is grim, and it is very likely the OCW Women's Championship may be vacated in the leadup to Wrestlution. Medical officials are unwilling to confirm if she will even be able to wrestle again, as there are fears that there may be an undiagnosed spinal fracture among the litany of injuries. As far as we have been informed by medical staff, Kaffee has not regained consciousness.


Regardless of the status of the Women's Championship, we here at the Seltzer Report wish Jasmin Kaffee a swift and complete recovery.

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Christian Garcia:


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