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Tacitus Bio

Christian Garcia

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HOMETOWN: Passage West, Cork County, Ireland

HEIGHT: 6'6"

WEIGHT: 277 pounds

THEME SONG: "Sleep in the Fire" by 10 Years




Superkick, Spinning Chokeslam / Uranage




"The Grand Leveler" / Sit-Out Crucifix Powerbomb


NOTABLE FUEDS: Chris Greene, Joe Deaver, Maxx Storage


ACCOLADES: 1x European Rugby Champions Cup Winner (as part of Munster), 1x Paul Barrière Trophy Winner (as part of the Irish National Team), World Rugby Men's 15s Player of the Year of 2020 (as part of Munster)




Tacitus Wilhelm MacGregor, surprisingly, is part of a long wrestling lineage. The MacGregor family stretches back four generations, though as far as OCW is concerned, Tacitus is the first of his kind. His great-great Grandfather, "Strangler" Lloyd MacGregor, was one of the premier catch-as-catch-can wrestlers in Ireland during his era, and his son, Thomas, would earn some fame in the sixties and seventies as Thomas Kenn. Tacitus' father, and Thomas' youngest son, Colm, would wrestle as Jared MacGregor from 1990 to 2022, a career spanning nearly forty years, from the age of 19 up until his passing at age of 51 from an aggressive form of pancreatic cancer. Many of Tacitus' aunts, uncles, and cousins are part of the business...


But an equal number of them are in other sports.


Tacitus was born the second child of Colm in 1994, after his sister, Chastity. A big boy from an early age, he took to sport like water, mostly trying his hand at more physical pursuits such as track and field and rugby. He would even qualify in Shot Put in his final years of primary, with many coaches considering him a potential Olympian prospect. That being said, Rugby was always his first love, and it was the sport her pursued with the most passion. This pursuit would pay dividends.


Playing the lock for most of his rugby career from an early age, Tacitus would grow north of six foot before turning eighteen, and topped out at 6'6", making him an imposing presence in the second row, though not due to mere bulk. While no small man, Tacitus is leaner than most rugby players, even given his position in the secondary, but what made him such an intimidating player was his speed and precision. Few men in the Isles could match him in a footrace, and most who could weren't big enough to stop him from making positive gains in a crash ball scenario. Combined with his elite catching ability and uncanny sense of what his captain needed from him, Tacitus would quickly become an overnight sensation upon entering the professionals.


Tacitus' professional career was a short, but quite eventful one, as part of the elite 2019 Munster squad that would forge a blazing trail to the Champion's Cup, where he earned no insignificant praise for his ball handling and game sense. Hailed as a prodigy of the sport in the same vein as his uncle, fellow Munster giant Garrison MacGregor, he would earn the nickname 'Gazza Junior' in tribute to the man. It was his pedigree, and outstanding performance, which would see him brought to the Irish National squad, one of the the youngest men on the team at only 27.


The Irish squad would hard-nose their way to the Rugby League World Cup, and a nail-biting win over the insurgent underdog Fiji squad. Tacitus would be one of the men holding the Paul Barrière Trophy high that day, but it would also be the last accolade he earned in Rugby... for reasons unknown, he would reveal in an interview with Whereculture Sports that he would be leaving Rugby behind, citing concussion concerns and nagging injuries, along with a desire to be closer to his family.


Tacitus would train as a professional wrestler in an effort to achieve that closeness, training under one of the most well known wrestlers in the world who never worked an OCW match- Kyle 'Flying' Ferrar, a veteran of the Canadian and British independent scenes, and a man who had worked with Jared MacGregor (the elder) extensively. After rigorous training and a very short run on the independent scene, Tacitus was scouted by OCW at a show in Glasgow, and would be signed in the aftermath of Wrestlution 16.


Debuting as Jared MacGregor Junior, Tacitus would make a point of insulting the legends and established names of OCW, as he believed his father had deserved to perform on such a large stage, due to missing out on much of his children's lives in pursuit of that dream of OCW glory. He would defeat Jacob Trance in his debut, and go on to face the newly Kasstian-christened Chris Greene at Ambition: Halloween Hell 2022. Despite his chilly reception from the OCW fans in his debut, he was actually considered something of an underdog in that match, and would win both that match, and the followup on the next week's Riot against Chris Greene and his former tag partner, Joe Deaver, before losing to Deaver in his first televised defeat at the next Ambition taping.


Jared would be approached after the match by Elliot Parker, who referred to him as his 'Harbinger', and the two would have a short-lived alliance against Maxx Storage, resulting in two matches, the first a decisive, if controversial win for the 'Scions of Empancipation', the second a surprise match alongside Family member Benjamin 'C-Note' Franklin due to a short-notice injury to Elliot Parker in the previous match, which the duo lost.


Around this time, Colm MacGregor passed away due to complications from cancer treatment, and after taking a short time to mourn, Tacitus would return under his birth name and defeat Luis Bishop in a one-sided affair on Turmoil 295, before leaving TV again for a short time. He would return with dyed streaks in his hair and with Nate Ortiz as his manager, and the GTGOAT would reveal himself as the latest of Tacitus' teachers.


Most recently, Tacitus was given an opportunity to compete in a Fatal-Five-Way Number One Contender's match for Rust Cohle's OCW title match. He would be the last man pinned in the match, after eliminating Atsushi 'Kingu' Hada, by the winner, Sheldon Tremblay.




Tacitus was originally brought in with the gimmick of 'The Force of Nature', an extreme sports and nature enthusiast turned wrestler, reflecting his real life hobbies. After complaints from house show audiences that this gimmick was too reminiscent of that of Terra Daturas, he would be withheld from TV and repackaged over the next month.


Tacitus has stated that he considered a career as a mountain or forest guide instead of professional wrestling.


Tacitus is the first member of the MacGregor wrestling family to appear on OCW television, and also the first to wrestle in the United States, with most of the family wrestling in Japan, Mexico, Canada, and the British Isles.


Tacitus is currently the only OCW wrestler to have climbed Kilimanjaro AND K2 unassisted. He has stated that Mount Everest is next, but is waiting until after he retires from wrestling to perform the climb.

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