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Jim Black's Impromptu Interview with Devon Flash

Devon Flash

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Jim Black and Devon Flash are standing around outside of Barclays where tonight’s Turmoil is at.


Jim Black: Devon, thank you for taking the time to do this impromptu interview. I’m sure you didn’t have much planned besides viewing tonight’s show.


Flash: Jimmy B imma let you slide for going against your better judgment and not starting with a congratulations on my win against Telos and acting like Flash aint a busy man.


Jim Black pulls on his collar awkwardly


Jim Black: Well that’s my mistake, I might as well give it now as it was a solid win for you as you continue your rookie campaign. Telos is far from an easy opponent and many say he absolutely is the endgame for those who get in the ring with him.


Flash gives a fake laugh


Flash: Stop glazing that man Jimmy. You think I gave you this time to praise him? You aint so bright my man?


Jim rolls his eyes and mutters words under his breath.


Jim Black: Right, Right, uh, anyway I’m just gonna pivot the conversation. Last Riot, you not only decided to blow off Stacy Clark but you then interrupted RyVaughn and haven’t given us an explanation for it wh-


Flash cuts Jim off


Flash: And there goes that ignorance again. The explanation was and is clear. I'm making statements and even though I went out there and said nothing, Ry got my message loud and clear and tonight on Turmoil, I think I just may get the answer I’ve been waiting for.


Flash rudely bumps into Jim as he’s leaving.


Flash: You might as well join the Flash Mob now Jim, before you’re on the outside looking in.

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