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Shianne Lovelace

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Stacy Clark catches Chris Greene in the back during the broadcast of Turmoil 299, the fans can be heard in the background. Chris seems slightly annoyed, but stops for a chat with the woman.


Stacy: So, Chris, how are you feeling after Aisu took you out of action last week on Riot?


Chris' brows furrow and he instead gets close to the camera, tapping it with his finger.


Chris: You're filming? Good, right. Right. I don't know why you're chasing me down, Stacy Clark, but I'll give you an answer: I'm feeling great. In fact, having a week to rest means I'm in better shape than I would've been had I been in a match last week.


Chris smirks smugly.


Chris: I'm one-hundred and ten percent.


Stacy: Only one-hundred and ten?


Chris gives the woman a quick glare.


Chris: Fine, two-hundred fifty percent for all I care.


Stacy: That's not how percentages work, Mr. Greene.


Chris pauses for a moment, stopping himself with a pinch to the bridge of his nose. He takes a deep breath, before continuing.


Chris: Look, all that matters is that I am ready. Got that? Satohiko, "Aisu", he'll see. Everyone will see.


Stacy: What will we see, Chris?


Chris: You're the most insufferable woman I've ever had to interact with, you know that?


Chris: You'll all see that I'm worth something. I'm more than a lackey, and I'm sure as hell still in my prime.


Stacy: Have people suggested you may not be in your prime?


Chris freezes for a moment, before running a hand through his hair. He cocks his head to the side and chuckles a little bit.


Chris: Just some uh, y'know... those internet trolls, Stacy.


Stacy: Riiiight.


Chris: But that doesn't matter. I'll take Aisu to New York-


Stacy: Wrestlution is in Las Vegas, and OCW is regularly seen in New York, Chris.


Chris balls up his fists, his face beginning to red with building anger.


Chris: The DDT, Stacy! The DDT! I'm taking Aisu to New York, and taking his North American championship while I do so!


Stacy: Anything else?


Chris: I should be asking you that, Clark! Christ sake, you're the single most annoying person I've dealt with all week.


Stacy: Second after Aisu last week, I presume?


Chris: You always have something to say, don't you? We're done here. Aisu, I'll be seeing you soon enough.


Chris storms off as the camera fades to black.

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