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Inside the Mind of Quartz: July 9th, 2023


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The sounds of hysterical laughter echoing through a blank void bring us into the scene.


Pure black surrounded by lights of consciousness peppered throughout the darkness.


The laugher continues. Slowly but surely, a figure begins to manifest inside the mind...


From foot to head, the red boots of Inness Quartz begin to phase into view. The manifestation lunges forward repeatedly, as more and more is revealed from the brooding red iteration of Quartz.


As it continues to phase into view piece by piece, the chest and head come into view. Inness Quartz stands with his long beard and the red streak running through his thin hair. A version of Inness we have not seen in a long time, furiously swinging his arms in front of him.


The laughter grows louder as we see the other side... Standing opposite of Inness is the current image of the Quartz we know. He quells his laughter for a moment to open his eye, revealing the deep blue we know to be associated with the New Storm, Ijitu Quartz.


The hands of Inness continue swinging through the body of Ijitu. Ijitu laughs at the futile attempts as they swing directly through him.


The view peers slightly to Ijitu's left, seeing a despondent Intell Quartz, arms crossed, watching the scene in front of him like an older brother watching his younger siblings fight.


Intell: This may not have been a good plan, don't you agree?


Ijitu turns to Intell, still laughing all the while.


Ijitu: Are you kidding me? This is the most entertaining he's ever been! Have you ever seen the big guy show so much emotion?


Intell: ...


Ijitu: Look at him swing! He wants to hit me so badly! Hahahaha!


Inness stops swinging for a moment, simply staring back at Ijitu.


Ijitu: Oh, what's wrong?


Ijitu: Boy... Control of the body has certainly taken a lot out of you!


Ijitu: It's almost like I told you this would happen!


Ijitu smirks and leans down at the exhausted Inness Quartz...


Ijitu: You are not cut out to represent him... To represent us. You have always known that. Hell, didn't you hear all those people while I was locked in this prison?


Ijitu: They called out for me. Every challenger that faced you... They called for me.


Ijitu: Nobody wants you. They never have. I've always been the one to represent-


Inness: SHUT UP!


Ijitu perks up smugly, surprised at the outburst.


Inness: You... You have never cared about representing Isaiah... You never cared about representing the person we were bred from... About representing all that we are. You...


Inness: You have only ever cared about taking control... You don't want to represent him... You want to be him.


Ijitu is initially perturbed by the accusation, but refuses to let the conflicted look control his face for very long.


Ijitu: No, "Big Frog"... I don't.


Ijitu: ...I don't want to be him.


Ijitu: Because "he" is a coward who fled to his mind when his life got tough!


He stands back up and watches Inness' eyes follow him from the void below.


Ijitu: ...I am him. I was created to be the version of him he - and both of you - could NEVER be.


Intell's eyes dart up from Inness to Ijitu at the claim.


Ijitu: And I am glad I am not as stupid as you are.


Ijitu: Your weaknesses have never been so clear, friendo! The moment you lost consciousness in the hospital... I had you right where I wanted you. I led you to believe you were in control for so long. Hell, we even had that dipshit Joe Deaver believe us!


Inness flinches forward at the mention, nearly taking another fruitless swing.


Ijitu: Enjoy the mind, Inness. I've spent far too long in this place letting you have your little victory lap. I even had you convinced that I cared about your existence.


Ijitu: I've got business with our brother. Someone who actually deserves my attention, unlike either of you.


Ijitu: ...and neither of you can stop me. I control this vessel now.


Ijitu turns his back to both and gestures towards Intell.


Ijitu: Cry to your therapist about it.


Ijitu begins walking away as Intell and Inness watch him go... Inness perks back up one final time...


Inness: You WILL NOT WIN!


Inness: I'm going to get out again!


Ijitu smirks at the pointless shouting, Inness on his hands and knees inside the mind as he continues to shout.


Inness: You turned your back on Cohle and I came back!


Inness: You turned your back on Isaiah and I CAME BACK!




Inness: COME...


Inness: BA-


Ijitu slams a door in the face of the mind, re-entering reality. He looks around the room to see Harvey Hamilton Ocean. He smirks at his brother and lifts his hand to greet him as the scene cuts to black.

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