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Whereculture Exclusive: OCW Wrestler's Absence explained

Christian Garcia

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For fans who were wondering why one half of an OCW tag team suddenly disappeared from TV, an explanation has finally come to light.


Christian Garcia, one half of Los Sicarios and former North American Champion, was last seen in the main event of Turmoil 299, where he participated in a triple threat with Lution 17 standouts John Carter and Mark Reese. Since then, there has been complete and total radio silence from the Cuban-American wrestler... until now, that is.


Christian Garcia, in an interview with Whereculture's Adam Adams, revealed that he was taking time off with the blessing of the company due to undisclosed health issues, and does not have a timetable for his return. Having now set up permanent residence in Cuba, Christian Garcia states that he does have a work visa to continue appearing in OCW, but is planning on making the most of the time he's been given to rest and recuperate.


Addressing reported rumors that he was seeking his release from the company, Christian refused to confirm or deny if this was the case, saying that he was 'weighing his options'. MJPW has shown interest in signing the OCW star, but as of now, Garcia is still listed as an active member of the OCW roster, and has also occasionally been seen with trainees at the Scumchester Academy.

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Christian Garcia:


1x North American Champion


Jasmin Kaffee:


1x World Women's Champion

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