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WhereCulture - OCW Superstar placed in police custody

Austin Lee

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Reports are coming in, just hours before the start of OCW Riot, that OCW Superstar KC Barrett was taken from the arena and placed in police custody for an altercation that took place the night before in a local nightclub.


Mr. Barrett has sustained minor injuries from the incident and is believed to be the cause of the disturbance and has been placed in custody at this time and is expected to be released within a few hours pending questioning from the police.


We unfortunately have no security footage available at the time. We were able to contact other patrons of the bar to give their accounts of what took place.


Witness statements and statements from security have all suggested KC was at fault for his involvement in the incident as he was intoxicated and warned multiple times by security to calm down before the physical altercation with the female attacker took place.


It is believed that upon arrival KC was initially refused entry into the building as he was carrying an open beverage and shirtless. Security reported at that time KC seemed to be in a good mood, even taking a few pictures with the security guards and a few individuals outside of the building as he finished his beverage before entering.


Security has gone on record stating allowing him to enter the building in that condition was a mistake.


Upon entry into the building, it was reported by multiple witnesses that KC was approached by the Individual and had a conversation that quickly became heated. The witness stated KC shoved the individual in her face and said a few more words before walking away towards the bar.


At this time KC was issued one final warning by security and in another incident he would be asked to leave, witnesses report this did not sit well with the OCW Wrestler who responded by throwing a wad of cash at security and was quoted saying “Fuck that bitch, get rid of her and you can keep the change”


Security has admitted fault at this point that KC was not asked to leave because of those actions. And hold themselves partially responsible for the assault that took place as KC should have not been allowed to remain in the building.


At the time of this report, the name of the attacker has yet to be released, and it is believed she has escaped custody from the police at this time.


It is believed after the first interaction the female attacker refused help from security after she was shoved by KC. As moments later she would take matters into her own hands. As she approached Mr.Barrett, only for him to respond by pouring his beverage on her. The unnamed attacker responded by “borrowing” a nearby glass, A witness reports she asked nicely for the beverage, before shattering it on KC’s face.


It is believed alcohol was heavily involved in this incident. As of now Mr.Barrett has refused to identify his attack and is not pressing charges and will be released after finishing his statement with the police and has been ordered to not return to the bar. Putting his status for tonight's OCW Riot into question.

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