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The Kaffee Break with Jasmin Kaffee- Episode 2: Dragana Cesar.

Christian Garcia

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We find ourselves on the rustic set of the Kaffee Break again, with the backdrop and setup noticeably more polished than last week’s segment. The stools between Jasmin and her guest have been removed, leaving a bit of space between the two women, and everything just looks… nicer.


That being said, the nicest thing on set is clearly Regina Tacet, who sits across from Jasmin, practically beaming as she signs over to her friend. Captions translate the signs for those in the audience who aren’t familiar with Dragana’s manner of communication.


Dragana: It’s so nice to see you again!


Jasmin: You know, I think out of this entire division, you might actually be my only friend. Isn’t that nuts? I mean, how many girls here pretended to be my pal because they wanted to hop on my wave, and then there was just you, supporting me unconditionally.


Jasmin: I owe everything I’ve done here to you, I hope you know that.


Dragana looks a bit uncomfortable at the insinuation that she’s Jasmin’s *only* friend, but she plays along and nods. Jasmin, seemingly not noticing the discomfort, manages to move along.


Jasmin: So, Cesar Dojo. Never trained with you formally, but I gotta give you your props. I’ve been through multiple training systems, I’m a former professional fighter. I’ve been training at the ranch back when CG used to do MMA coaching, I was in the Pine Dojo, I was in Aries’ Academy…


Jasmin: What you’re doing at the Cesar Dojo is just… so radically different from every other training regimen out there right now. Just, like… take me through that thought process, take me through what made you want to run your school like this?


Dragana: One of my best friends helped me at a dark time. She saved my life. I will never forget that. I don't know if I can ever repay her, but I can use what I've learned to pay it forward.


Dragana takes a moment to think before proceeding.


Dragana: I want to create a nurturing environment where people from all walks of life can be themselves and help each other. Our training is not just about fighting. It's my profession of course, but for anyone else, nobody should have to fight if they can help it. Through meditation, readings and self care techniques, I want all of my students to exceed their potential to help them through their journeys.


Jasmin: That’s awesome, I really love that for you and your students, it seems like you’re building something really special.


Dragana: I’m really trying my best.


Jasmin smiles and leans over a bit to grab Dragana’s hand and reassure her.


Jasmin: If it’s anything like what you’ve done for me, you’re doing great.


With that, the two women hold their gazes for a few moments, before Jasmin turns to the camera with a sly grin, almost as if she’s back to her pre-Clash self.


Jasmin: I’m honestly in love with this woman.


Jasmin, unable to help herself, starts laughing, leaving a mildly embarrassed Dragana to cover her mouth, though it’s clear from the sounds she’s making and the shaking of her shoulders that she’s having a bit of fun with it too.

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