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WhereCulture - OCW Star to Return?


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Late last night, OCW star Telos made an impromptu phone call to Gabe Seltzer’s podcast, during a conversation in which the host was speaking about OCW faction DNS.


“I been listening to you talk about these guys all damn week and its pissing me off”, said Telos. “You used to be respected in this industry. Your opinion used to be worth two cents. Now you just rambling like all those other clowns online.”


After a brief, but heated back and forth with Seltzer, Telos hinted that he may be making his way back to Turmoil, saying, “ Its time to go to work. Podcast ain't the place to draw a line, but Turmoil just might be. I got a lot to say, and this platform don’t deserve to host it.”


Telos confirmed his plans with a tweet about an hour later, seen at the bottom of this post. It will be interesting to see what Telos has to say this Friday in Brooklyn.




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