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The Halloween Costume Hunt ♡


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The scene opens in Ashley Moore’s NYC apartment. Belle and Ashley, are sitting on Ashley's bed, they're both wearing pajamas, and their hair is pulled back in messy buns, surrounded by piles of magazines.


Ashley and Belle: (laughing)


Belle: Okay, okay, okay, okay, so listen, listen so then he goes, ''No matter what I do for you it never seems to be enough.''


Belle: ... ew! I can't believe he said that! You don't think I'm like that do you?


Ashley: Well, you are...


Belle: What?! Don't tell me you agree with him?! Oh my God, oh my God!


Ashley: Well, I mean, one minute everything's fine and the next minute you're freaking out, it's like you're never satisfied.


Belle: I know I'm a little picky... but, hey, I just know what I want…


Belle: (Opening a bag of chips and taking a bite) Moving on, are you excited for Friday?


Ashley: Of course! I can't wait to see everyone and dress up in our costumes.


Belle: Me too! I've been thinking about my costume ALL month and I'm still not sure what to go as yet.


Belle: Well, what do you like?


Ashley: (Humming in thought) I like all sorts of things. I think I want to cosplay an amazing character.


Belle: I get it. You want to find an aspiring character everyone loves.


Ashley: Exactly. So, any ideas?


Belle: (Frowning) Not really. I've been looking through all these magazines, but I can’t find anything that I really like.


Belle: Maybe we should just go to the costume store and see what we can find.


Ashley: Yeah, that's probably the best idea.


Belle: (Finishing her bag of chips) Okay, let's go girl!


They both get up and get dressed. Belle puts on a pair of sweats, uggs and a crop top, while Ashley puts on a skirt, a t-shirt and heels. They both do their makeup, and then they head out the door.


Belle and Ashley enter a crowded costume store downtown. They are both eager to find the best Halloween costumes for OCW Turmoil Halloween Hemorrhage special.


They browse through the aisles, looking at all the different costumes. There are everything from superheroes and villains to princesses and pirates.


Ashley: Alright, we need to find the best Halloween costumes for this Friday.


Ashley and Belle keep browsing the aisles of costumes, looking for the perfect outfits.


Belle: Check out this Princess Aurora costume!


Ashley: Oh no, I don't want to be a princess. I am already a queen.


Belle: True! How about this black catsuit, feeling catty?


Ashley: That's too … too much. I would prefer something else.


Belle: Alright, well, let's keep looking.


The girls continue to browse through the costumes, but they can't seem to find anything they like.


Belle: I'm starting to think we're not going to find you the perfect costume.


Ashley: Don't give up yet. We have plenty of time.


Suddenly, Belle's eyes light up. She sees a costume in the back of the store that she knows is the one.


Belle: Ash, look!


Ashley turns and sees the costume that Belle is talking about.


Ashley: Ha-ha-ha. That will be perfect.


Belle rushes over to the costume and grabs it, gives it to Ashley who tries it on and it fits perfectly. When she comes out, they are both laughing hysterically.


Belle: This is the one!


Ashley: Everyone will love it!


Ashley: Now it’s your turn.


They walk over to another rack and start browsing again now for Belle’s costume.


Ashley: (Holding up a Wonder Woman costume) What do you think of this?


Belle: It’s cute but I don't think I could handle walking around in that all night. I need something more… spunky.


They walk around the back section for a while longer, until they come to a display of classic costumes.


Ashley: Check this one out! It’s so you!


Belle smiles and puts on the costume. She looks in the mirror and twirls around.


Belle: I love it!


Ashley: I knew you would.


Belle: Some ribbons here… gold sleeves there… and it will be fabulous. I see the vision!


Belle and Ashley walk to the checkout counter, pay for the costumes and leave the store. They are so thrilled and Friday can’t come soon enough.


They start walking down the street with bags in their hands.


Ashley: We’re going to look so good!


Belle: Real talk! Everyone is going to be so jealous of our costumes.


The Rumble Bellas continue to walk down the street, laughing and having fun enjoying a girls’ day out.

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