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San Francisco Chronicle article on Cross


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OCWFed.net has not received any more news on Josiah Cross, however, there was an article posted in today’s newspaper. The following was taken from the San Francisco Chronicle.


OCW Wrestler Recovering from Three Story Fall

Erin McCormick, Chronicle Staff Writer

September 2, 2008


OCW wrestler Josiah Cross fell from a three story hotel balcony in the early morning hours on Monday. Paramedics were at the scene within minutes of the fall after a hotel visitor called 911. When EMTs arrived Cross was unresponsive. EMTs rushed Cross to San Francisco General Hospital where he underwent immediate surgery on his leg, arm, chest, and head. Cross suffered serious injuries fracturing his skull and breaking a rib which punctured his lung. The doctors reported that the surgeries were a success but that Cross still faces a difficult recovery.


“The surgery went well, a long process but a success. Mr. Cross was lucky to survive the fall but the recovery process won’t be easy. There’s potential he could face future complications with brain swelling or infections. These injuries he has suffered are most likely career ending but we hope to see him walk out of this hospital healthy.” Dr. Adams spoke with confidence however said that a full recovery is doubtful.


While Cross remains under intensive care SFPD and investigators are hard at work after many questions remain unanswered. Evidence has been gathered and, thus far, has only created more confusion. Investigators are puzzled as to why Cross was at the hotel. It’s being reported that Cross’s house is just a few blocks away from the hotel.


The employee at the hotel desk described the man who shortly checked in before the Summercide PPV as “A big guy, long beard, wearing a black beanie with a hooded sweater.” He also said that he didn’t recognize the individual “I don’t watch wrestling. Who even watches that these days? Seriously?" The room was paid for under the name Josiah Cross and the desk employee said the man requested a third floor room.


Why did Cross purchase a hotel room just blocks from his house only a couple hours before the Summercide show? Did he jump? Or was someone else involved? Cross left the OCW PPV after going ballistic following a loss. His last words were “There’s no place like home” which leads investigators to think Cross had plans in mind once returning to his residence. The Summercide show was at Oracle Arena in Oakland which is only a short drive from Cross’s house in San Francisco.


This startling discovery has left those searching for answers further from solving the case. The 911 phone call was tracked and it was determined that the person who called used the phone in the room Cross fell from. The unknown caller informed emergency personnel that a man had jumped from a hotel balcony. He gave the address before quickly hanging up the phone. Investigators checked the finger prints on the room phone and are currently attempting to contact the person who made the call.


Cross remains under intensive care while investigators wait for his condition to improve before interviewing him. Investigators hope Cross will be available for questioning within the week. People around Cross know this situation may be sensitive as there is a high possibility Cross may have attempted suicide.


Many questions remain unanswered and different possible scenarios swirl as to what happened to the OCW wrestler early Monday morning. Did he jump? Fall? Or was someone else involved? This story will continue to be followed and updated with any new developments.


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