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All Hail The New Flesh *Full Riot RP*

Chris Mania

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The scene opens up inside the office of Chris Mania following the events of Turmoil he’s decided to head back to Japan to personally oversee a business endeavour involving his company Phoenix Industries. At this moment he’s sitting back in his leather chair listening to some Strapping Young Lad whilst smoking a fat bifta, a huge ashtray is located directly in-front of him on the desk it’s filled with joint roaches indicating that Mania has been smoking one after another since getting into his office to help relax his mood… It isn’t working however.


Mania: I can’t believe it man, Versus set me up, ME of all people, that son of a BITCH!


Mania lunges forward from his chair, picks up his ashtray and slams it against the wall, smashing it into pieces.


Mania: It’s not right, how could he pull that crap on me? After all the money I gave him for helping me get rid of Regan, f**king stoner out to prove he’s some kind of baddass but he forgets I know the real Versus and he’s nothing but a comic relief how the hell he managed to persuade Jay to give him the Vice Pres job I’ll never know, it just doesn’t make any god damned sense what the hell is the world coming to?


Mania paces up and down his office whilst muttering to himself, quickly and frantic which can’t be understood. He walks up to his window that over looks the city, he punches the glass, which just shakes.


Mania: and that old senile bastard Regan, he doesn’t even know what damn day it is, where does he get off firing me? I took his show and transformed it into something great, I put the buckets in the seats, I sold out every arena we toured across for the past month, and that fungus has the audacity to call me incompetent? ME INCOMPETENT? I run a multi-million dollar corporation, I took it right from under the nose of A.J Phoenix how the hell could he call me incompetent? He’s the one dumb enough to publicly announce that Revan would be filling in for him while he was on vacation, a week before he even left, I mean what was I supposed to do? Sit there and let an opportunity slip through my hands. You don’t give me an opportunity like that and then bitch and moan when I take it.


Mania sits back down in his chair, he opens one of the drawers and pulls out another ashtray and another bifta, he sparks up the joint and takes a huge puff.


Mania: They won’t get away with treating ME like this, I’M THE GODDAMN SPOONMAN! but for now I got bigger fish to fry so I'll let them have their moment, It’s time to start thinking about my wrestling future, all this business bullshit is stressing me out and taking up alot of my time to the point where I can’t even train anymore, sure I can fire people, but what's the point anymore? And where’s the fun gone? As of this moment I vacate my position as C.E.O of Phoenix Industries, I'll let someone else run MY company and I’ll still get a nice sum of money every week but I won't have to deal with the hassles that get in the way of my real goals.


Mania once again gets out of his seat and heads over to the window, still smoking the joint.


Mania: It’s time once more for the Rock N’ Roll Outlaw to be heard, I'm done with all this Million Dollar Mania crap.


As the scene fades out Mania can be heard speaking along with Velvet Kevorkian off the City album.


Mania: A new time has come ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome the f*ck home.

EST. 2006




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Unless I am mistaken Thats what was put on Riot, word for word what was cut out?
 15-06, 18:20 Tiberius Dupree make him tap with brownie mix


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