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The Clash Exclusive Real Time Segment

Nathan Gaines

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**Immediately following the shot of the announce crew, the scene returns to the back in the medical room, where Nathan Gaines is being examined by an OCW Medical Staff Crew. Gaines is laying down in the prone position. The Doctor is running his fingers along Gaines' spine. In addition to checking to see if there is any tenderness, the doctor is checking for any buldging discs.**


Doctor: Do you feel any pain when I push here


Gaines: GOT DAMNIT!!


Doctor: I'll take that as a yes.


Gaines: Can't you just reallign me and call it a night.


Doctor: Nathan you know we've talked to you before about this. When you retired last year, it was because of the beating your back has taken. The only way to avoid the pain, is to avoid wrestling.


Gaines: I know, but sometimes you can't back away from a fight


Doctor: Look I'll prescribe you some pain medication, but when you get to town for Turmoil contact a local chiropractor. It looks like you're gonna need more surgery.


**The Doctor goes to the medicine cabinet on the side next to the examination table. As Nathan sits up he grabs the medicine vile. As the doctor exits the room, Nathan pops the bottle open and takes two pills. He grimmices as he gets off the table and heads off back to the I-Gen locker room**

LocoNY911: I hate you with every fiber of my being just looking at your name makes me want to strike my monitor

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I like this as an idea. With the PPV being posted in segments this provides people a period to use the promo room to sorta give a backstage/post match promos. Of course you wouldnt read these RPs until you watch a match cuz theyd spoil it. Simple RP but I dig the idea.




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