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Rioting to Goto Riot

Chris Ryder

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The camera fades in from black, to the view of a nice, quiet neighborhood. The sun is beginning to set in the background, as a Police Squad car siren is heard sounding off in the background. As the Squad Car pulls up in one of the house's driveways, the camera fades into another shot, inside the House. We see Chris Ryder sat down on his Couch, with his head in his hands. A Police officer stands over Ryder, as another Officer walks over to him, mumbling something into the first Officers ear.


After the second Officer leaves, the first Officer sits down next to Ryder.


First Officer: "Mr. Ryder, we cannot let you out of our sight for the next week, you will be under House Arrest for that period of time. Do you understand?"


Chris lifts his head up from his hands, and stares off out of the window, at the other end of the Living Room. His face is blank, with no emotion


Ryder: "Have you ever watched an OCW Event, Officer?"


The Officer, looking a little concerned, takes a moment before answering.


First Officer: "Well .... Yes, I've seen a few Shows, why do you ask?"


Ryder: "Did you see what happened, this past Tuesday?"


The Officer sighs a little, before answering again.


First Officer: "Look, Mr. Ryder .... "


Ryder: "Did you see how I almost BROKE Jacob's ankle?"


Chris continues to look through the Window, as he begins to smile.


Ryder: "His face was telling me a story, as I stomped on the chair. It was screaming "NO CHRIS, DON'T DO IT!" ... Haha, it was the greatest feeling I've ever felt"


The Officer, looking seriously concerned at this moment, stands up and walks off-screen, holding onto his Radio on his chest. Chris continues to talk, even after the Officer leaves.


Ryder: "The way his Head bounced off of the Mat, the second I hit him with the Conchairto. Just like Aries last week, he couldn't do anything about it"


Chris starts to rub his face with his hand, as the expression on it changes rapidly, to anger.


Ryder: "Aries .... What on Earth gave you the right to not mention ME in your stupid little thank you speech?! After everything I did to help you! You stabbed me in the back, just like the so-called Fans of that Company. You're nothing more than a sell-out to me, just like Jacob, just like Carlos, all of them!"


Chris stands up off of his Couch, and kicks the lamp off of his table to his right. The Police Officers quickly rush back into shot and grab Ryder, as he begins to struggle to get free.


First Officer: "Mr. Ryder PLEASE stop struggling, you're only making this worse for yourself"




Second Officer: "Mr. Ryder, we cannot let you leave this House for the next Week, I'm sorry"


Chris stops struggling and pushes himself off of the Officer, he sits back down on his Couch and kicks the remains of his old Lamp on the ground.


Ryder: "You're paying for that Lamp"


Chris lays down on the Couch, clearly annoyed, as the Camera fades out.

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