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Lution Hype article: Smythe DaWonder

Stacy Clark

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With only two weeks and four shows until the Big Poppa of all Online Wrestling. We take a quick look at OCW certified star and challenger for the OCW world title Smythe DaWonder.


Smythe broke onto the scene as a young brash arrogant trash talker with subpar at best in ring skills. Working the microphone from show to show he challenged the likes of Chris Mania, Nate Ortiz, Guy Fausto, Versus, Majin, and other noteworthy stars in order to hone his wrestling skills.


His former name The S Bomber, while ineptly unpopular, grew him a true heat with OCW fans and negative press. The rule that any press is good press stood true as after about 6 months he had it changed to Smythe DaWonder due to American National security measures.


Smythe DaWonder's first break came in the form of an in ring feud with EX division Icon DJ Chino. they fought a total of 6 matches, all won by Chino and it was at DJ Chino's expense that Smythe's first conduct into stardom was realized. at Devil's Night 07 Smythe DaWonder slides into the ring with a sledge hammer and he proceeded to CRUSH DJ Chino's chest robbing Chino of the North American title. The person who picked up the win ironicly was Leonheart who teamed with Smythe to become a popular duo right after.


Smythe Carried the momentum from his partnership with Leon into his Alpha-Heel persona. He was Devious, plotting and devestating catching the eye of Majin and Sensation himself. Smythe was recruited as the blue chip superstar in the Sensational Alliance. Which will most likely go down as the most powerful stable in OCW history.


As an Henchman for the SWO Smythe helped Majin fight Guy Fausto and Kage fight Nate Ortiz and also swindled his was into the Future investment match at Wrestlelution 3.


At Lution 3. Smythe DaWonder, Brad Bauer, Deano Horse andLeonheart competed for the chance of a lifetime but it wasn't meant to be for Smythe. Ironicly it was Leonheart who won the clause and went to become OCW world champion for the first time at Summercide.


Smythe however did capture the OCW title before that. After winning a 4 way to earn a title shot at Damnation. Smythe entered a match with dominant champion Guy Fausto. Smythe was awarded the OCW title on a disqualification by a shady referee and was offically the OCW world champion for 4 days. This is the only singles title that Smythe has ever held in OCW.


Smythe DaWonder also has his share of drama with Guy Fausto as he stole his title at Damnation, lost a unification qualifier to Fausto at Consequence and then lost the King of OCW final to Fausto a month later.


But in all that what we saw in the last year from Smythe DaWonder was a sheer will to be victorious. Smythe is the "Winningest" wrestler within the last 12 months and has victories over almost every man who has ever stood before him. He has had feuds with and against the gretest wrestlers to ever step into the ring and has held his own on multiple occasions against competition many only dream of facing.


The Only legit title Smythe has ever held is the OCW tag team championship. A 6 month title reign with 3 different tag partners. The longest tag title reign in OCW history. It's only human to assume that if Smythe captures the OCW world title at Wrestlelution he planned on holding that title for a long time as well. By any means neccessary.


The leader of the Bloodline, the longest reigning tag champion ever, one of the most dynamic characters in OCW history, an 8 time OCW Versie winner, it is going to be hard to not be cheering for Smythe DaWonder aka "Darkness" when he steps into that ring. One thing is for sure. He will put on a great show and everyone will be calling for the "stargazer" when he gives the signal.

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I actually think this ME is going to be epic. i'm pumped.


2 x Hardcore Champion (Longest defending OCW champ,19 defences)

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1 x Pride Champion

1 x TV Champion

2 x OCW World Heavyweight Champion

F.I Winner 2012

MOTN vs Leonheart @ Wrestlution 7


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Saw this earlier, Smythe D actually has allot of backstory to his char. You tend to forget all this stuff until you get hit with it again. This is why time and time again i always refer people to Smythe while we dont agree most times, he does have an eye for buisness. If anyone deserves to be the the top slot at WL4 its definatly Smythe.


Good night.

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