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Is Wrestlution 4 ready for Vincent Valmont??

Vincent Valmont

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*"WE WANT WRESTLUTION....WE WANT WRESTLUTION.....WE WANT WRESTLUTION"....Fans that are outside the arena in the streets are cheering just as loud, if not louder than the fans in the arena. Cameras begin to fade in the parking lot. A large crowd of fans that are standing near the parking lot suddenly runs into different directions as tires are screeching as the familiar all back 2005 Dodge Ram 1500 Hemi Edition slides quickly into the parking lot as if the driver was drifting. Loud music is heard as the cameras slowly pull closer to the truck. Vincent Valmont slides out of the truck and is in his all black suit, shades, rolex, gym bag in his hand, and his hardcore title across his shoulder. The crowd are giving Vincent a mega pop, even though he almost ran them over*

*Stacey Clark is seen walking into the parking lot through the doors. She quickly notices Vincent and walks towards him. He also notices Stacey and starts to smirk*


Stacey: Vincent, welcome to Wrestlution! May I briefly ask you some question before the show kicks off? The pre-show has already begun.


*Vincent still has his smirk across his face and takes off his shades and places them in his pocket*


Valmont: You want to ask me...Vincent Valmont a few simple questions? Go ahead, but if you bring up Morrison's name, I will snap.

*Stacey studders and hesitates to speak, Vincent gives off a chuckle*


Valmont: I'm just pulling your leg, Stacey, go ahead and ask me anything. It's WRESTLUTION 4, baby!


Stacey: Tonight you face "Mad" Michael Morrison, who was OCW's first ever Hardcore Champion. Are you nervous or excited!?


Valmont: Clearly you don't know me quite as well as Jimmie Black does, but that's ok. I am not nervous and I'm not excited. I'm focused and I'm ready to bleed for this title. I'm ready to put my body on the line for this title, but it's not for the reasons you think.


Stacey: Then what are your reasons, Vincent?


Valmont: All along this was about respect. Win or lose, I'll earn Morrison's respect tonight and anyone else. I am simply tired of being overshadowed. I am tired that people think that I don't pull 19 straight defenses and I'm not a worth champion. I read the polls....I read the interviews and the message boards all across America. Everyone think Morrison deserves to be champion and everyone thinks I can't beat him, but that's where all of you are wrong.


Valmont: Change is clearly coming for OCW and I declared that I'll be the seed that creates the flower into the new garden of generation for OCW. At the end of tonight I'll prove where I stand in this business, I'll prove that I am worthy of being a champion, I'll guarantee change is coming and it starts tonight!


*Stacey tries to ask another question, but Vincent starts to walk off*


Stacey: Vincent, our interview? Are you going to answer anymore questions!?


Valmont: Haven't you heard? Wrestlution is tonight and it's going to be a bumpy f**king ride.


Valmont: Strap yourselfs in OCW because Vinnie V is declaring Valmont's Law! {crowd pop}


*Cameras fade*

OCW's 2008's Most Improved Wrestler

2x OCW Heavyweight Champion

2x OCW Hardcore Champion

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