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Parking lot interview at Wrestlution 4!

Wesley Adams Poe

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Fans and paparazzi are outside the arena of Wrestlution 4. Since they were not fortunate enough to actually see the show, they decided to wait for the superstars of OCW to exit in the parking lot. An exit door that’s an entrance to backstage pops open and the crowd immediately pops even before seeing who it is.


Outstep Wesley Adams Poe holding his head and dressed in jeans and graphic t shirt. He lifts his head to the fans and walks over to them, they grow silent and he smiles. He puts down his bag and holds both arms up level to eachother.


Poe: Don’t worry folks, tonight there will be no laughs, but for the first time in a long time, I will sign Autographs!


The crowds pops, but their roar mellows as the paparazzi begins to ask questions, and for the first time in a long time, Poe simply answers them.


TMZGuy: You’re not Kip Conrad or anything, but we’re all wondering is Heath Finally going to be able to rest in peace?


Poe: I wish it so.


A male fan slightly overweight scoffs at the idea and yells out: Wheres the FACEPAINT?!


Poe: Waiting for me…In Hell


The crowd pops!


E! Guy: So what does that mean for You, Mania, and all of OCW?


Poe: As far as me and Chris Mania goes…We both won. For the past few months I was trying to include him in a inside joke amongst OCW and its fans


E! Guy: What Joke?


Poe: Chris Mania…


The Crowd erupts in laughter and Poe quiets them so he can continue.


Poe: For OCW it means that you all get Poe, and not just the poet, but someone trying to atone for some of the things he’s done. I’ve seen evils true face, it’s not Mr. Sensations, It’s not Smythe’s, It’s not Leonheart’s, It’s not the tmz guy’s, It’s mine. And though for a while I covered it up with the face paint, all it did was allow me to lose control of it. Dominion however is once again mine.


E!Guy: So why is the face paint waiting for you?


Poe: Well it’s simple, No matter what I do, No matter how much I want to love you, I’m a Sociopath, I can’t help it I am bad.


The crowd grows quiet and confuse.


Poe:But atleast while I’m in control, I can monitor my own problems, channel them to put on great matches here in OCW. Looking at the big picture everyone wins, I can be who I am, and you people are entertained.What more could you ask for.


Poe begins to turn and walk away after finishing up his last autographs and waves to the fans, and the TMZ Guy who had been pondering finally bursts out.


TMZ Guy: Sanity?


Poe turns his head back grins.


Poe: Nevermore.


2009 Season:

Singles Record:3/2/0

Tag (Including Handicaps):0/0/0

Gimmick Matches:Trip.Threats:0/1/0

Championship Matches:


Career Achievements:

Dual Champ.

Best Feud Nomination in 2008

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