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Baxter on the 4th

Chris Baxter

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Scene opens as Baxter is the parking lot lying in corner. with a kendo stick in hand. Jim Back tries to get an interview


Jim: Baxter, its been almost two months since we've last seen you in OCW. where have you been? do you have any comments?


Baxter: All in due time mate. after all it is Independence day. a day for celebration, the day when America declared itself its own nation


Jim: indeed, so why not join in the festivities


Baxter: no thanks, id rather remain here mate .. i have all i need right here


-Baxter pulls out a bottle of rum and takes a swig-


Jim: come on Chris, join the fun, and stop feeling sorry for yourself -goes to grab Baxter's rum- let me just take that from you and we can get you to the party


-Baxter swats Jim's hand with the kendo stick-


Baxter: No touching my rum, and I'm not feeling sorry you stupid landlubber. I just don't feel like partying and celebrating on a specific day. I celebrate my freedom every time i set sail from port .. there's nothing like the freedom of the open waters


Jim: -holding his hand- i see.. but may i ask when you will be returning to the ring


Baxter: i will be returning shortly.. i feel great.. i haven't felt this good

in about a year .. I'm ready to bring back some high seas justice -Baxter lets out a hearty laugh- I'm looking forward to it


Jim: as am i and the OCW audience. we cant wait to have you back. Do you have any messages for anyone in OCW


Baxter: Aye, indeed i do mate. Ryder .. ill be coming for you, you have what I've been seeking all me life. Gold, and i wont stop till i get it .. and Omega, don't think i have forgotten about you, you mutinous bastard. our paths will clash again, count on it mate.


Jim: anything else you would like to say


-Baxter starts to get up-


Baxter: yes .. i would


-Baxter cracks Jim over the head with the kendo stick knocking him out-


Baxter: -Baxter leans over him with the kendo stick- Happy Independence day


Scene fades to black as Baxter walks to his ship laughing and singing-


Baxter: yo ho yo ho.. a pirates life for me

ᛨ ꖾᚣᛠᛊ ᚴᛜᏌ ᛕᚣᛢᛢ

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